Types of Toilet Paper Holder

toilet paper holder, also called a toilet paper holder, is a small item that holds a single roll of toilet paper. Common models are either a hinged length of metal mounted on a metal stand or recessed in a bathroom wall, a freestanding metal pole on a sturdy base, or both. Most holders have a smooth surface and a narrow lip along the bottom to prevent waste from spilling onto the floor. Many styles include a lid with a snap-on cover or an integrated handle. Some newer models are equipped with a concealed spring.

Many designs are made of brushed chrome, brushed aluminum brushed stainless steel or brushed bronze. All other finishes fall somewhere between these two finishes. Models may be recessed, built into the wall, or free-standing. They can be purchased in most home improvement stores.

The majority of toilet paper holders are made for one roll of paper, generally a quarter of an inch thick. This provides adequate storage space for small amounts of personal hygiene items, including a toothbrush, soap, and sanitary napkins. If you will be using larger rolls of paper, however, it is better to invest in a holder that offers a top-loading system so that you do not need to load the paper by hand. You can also save some time by eliminating the need to manually unfold the large rolls of paper to spread them on the floor.

A toilet paper holder with an integrated stand is an excellent choice if you frequently use the same roll holder to dispense extra rolls. This additional storage space will ensure that you have a convenient place to store it when you are done using it. Also, it will prevent your roll holder from taking up valuable room in your drawers or closet. Models with recessed shelves will provide large extra storage space for all of your bathroom items.

Reclaimed wood is an excellent choice for a toilet paper holder. There are many types of reclaimed wood available, including mahogany, maple, birch, oak, and chestnut. Reclaimed wood has come back onto the scene in modern times offering decorative models. If you choose a classic style, make sure that the storage container is made of quality plastic, as wood disintegrates in contact with water over time. If you opt for a wooden holder with a recessed or shelf design, make sure that the interior surface of the storage box is smooth and does not wobble.

A toilet paper holder made from stainless steel has the benefits of durability and a professional appearance. These holders are ideal for placing inside of bathrooms that are designed or remodeled to appear like a high-end hotel. If you want a very streamlined display, you can opt for a holder that is made of black or white stainless steel. Most manufacturers offer these holders in various lengths, including 3-inches, but shorter lengths are available for smaller bathrooms.

If you would rather go with a more natural look, consider purchasing a wood toilet paper holder with a brushed finish. Black, cherry, or mahogany wood finishes are popular choices. You can add a classic or contemporary look to the restroom by adding a chrome wall mount option or even a matte brass finish. Brushed finishes will provide a worn and rustic appearance while providing strong resistance to stains.

Regardless of which type of toilet paper holder you choose, you will enjoy the added convenience of using one less bulky roll of paper. For families with growing children, having a holder on the wall eliminates the need to run to the kitchen every time they need a roll. Many holders also come with built-in storage space for small bathroom items such as toothpaste, soap, lotion, shampoo, shaving cream, and more. These holders are a practical and stylish way to store bathroom necessities without taking up too much space.