This is how Taz Tikoon flooded the streets with Tidewater H2O amid COVID 19 pandemic

Hampton, Virginia native Taz Tikoon has literally been flooding the streets! After the highly successful release of her .WAV GODDESS EP; Tikoon followed up with her 2 part documentary series .WAV Goddess: Something in the Water Pt.1 & Pt. 2. Most recently Taz launched her own water company; Tidewater H2O. Tikoon has always represented her hometown through her music & clothing; & now Tidewater H2O (natural spring water) which was created to pay homage to the Tidewater region of VA where she was born & raised.

After witnessing millions of people struggle to obtain water during the pandemic, Taz decided to become a solution to the problem by launching Tidewater H2O. In addition to launching Tidewater; Taz also created the Ride the Tide initiative to give back to those in need. For each person that purchases a Tidemillionaires T shirt, a Tidewater bottle will be donated to a person in need. Tidemill is the neighborhood in Hampton, VA where Taz grew up; & Tidemillionaires is the clothing line Taz created to represent her community. Tidewater is available in several local business in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, & Ohio.

Every time you hear a person reference an artist, athlete, designer, or entrepreneur from VA, they always say “there must be something in the water.” In 2019, Pharrell launched the Something in the Water festival to pay homage to the Virginia influencers and highlight the impact that Virginia has had on the entertainment industry. In 2020, Taz Tikoon launched & bottled Tidewater H2O to give people a real taste of what VA is really all about & pay homage to the VA tastemakers! For more information please visit & follow @TidewaterH2O on all social media platforms. #Somethinginthewater #SomethingintheTidewaterH2O

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