Gabriel Maia: Furnishing you an opportunity to tour the world without moving

Gabriel Maia along with his daughter Rosiane is capturing every dash of nature in his camera.

We all strive to capture the moment so that in the future we can just relish viewing those pictures and bring back the memory. Your mood switches in a nanosecond if you are seeking to live the moment through pictures but suddenly some awful images show up which wholly either ruins your mood or haunts you with a terrible memory that you might not fancy recalling. Hence, catching a picture is an art and only the capable artist can perform it well. We have Gabriel Maia who is a comprehensive artist when it comes to capturing beautiful moments through the camera. His love for photography can be seen in his snapped pictures.

The story behind the success:

Gabriel Maia hails from Brazil. The seed of photography had instilled in him from a young age and the enthusiasm rose with him gradually to such an extent that at the age of 17, he eventually purchased a well-renowned camera of that era which was the Olympus OM-2. It was a sound kick, to begin with. Having the thirst in his hand, he couldn’t resist using it. Holding no idea from where to commence, he hearkened to his instincts and began capturing the soccer gameplay photographs held in Brazil. Moving forward, he took many beautiful shots of nature, national parks, animals, etc. Even today, his inclination towards nature snapshotting is more than anything else. Slowly but steadily, he became more proficient with his skill and brought himself the latest digital cameras to enhance his skill. His craft has brought him laureates and recognition which he truly deserves.

The splendid duo:

Gabriel Maia’s children explicated a keen interest in photography as well, especially his daughter. Touching the teenager stage, she sprang executing the interest which was certainly photography. The father and daughter duo tried framing themselves into the Vogue Italia. For some reason, they couldn’t make it through. But the never-ending hope accommodated them later on. They both made a stunning portfolio of photographs and again submitted it to Vogue. To their surprise, it got selected and even bestowed with the best photography. They both have travelled to various countries to get pleasing clicks.

Gabriel Maia exists for photography. His curiosity and dedication towards it is eternal. He is still capturing the most beautiful photographs of nature and lets people have an insight into the engaging nature pieces.

To have a glimpse of his enchanting clicks, follow him on Instagram@rosyimages