Making businesses thrive through his on target marketing strategies is Nishit Sangwan.

His endeavours have taken him to soaring heights of success.

Without right approach none of the businesses can survive in the long run. Today, with the growing popularity of internet, many businesses have migrated their physical operations to the digital platform. Being on the Internet simply doesn’t mean that business would make a killing, for it requires the right marketing strategies to reach their targeted customer base. Methods if wrongly followed can give zero results, in such times expert hands like Nishit Sangwan come into the picture. This young digipreneur holds mastery over the craft of social media influencing and digital marketing in an astounding manner and has been credited of catapulting many brands and businesses to glory through his marketing skills.

This 17 year old young digital marketing wizard from Haryana has helped many, including celebrities make their digital impact through his time tested methods, which is one of the major reasons for his ever growing list of clients who vouch for his impeccable services guaranteed to give results. Nishit says, he was always impressed with the workings of the digital medium and had decided to make a career out of it. He worked hard towards learning the nitty-gritties of the business, and finally gained enough knowledge, that he established his own digital marketing agency in no time. He started off with posting videos on YouTube and then gradually moved on to creating lifestyle related content on Instagram which garnered enough fan following to place him directly on the highest pedestal.

Today, Nishit’s social media presence is astounding with his follower base increasing by the day which has made him one of the most sought after social media influencers of present times. His innovative digital marketing strategies are the talk of the town and many brands, businesses and entrepreneurs vie for his attention to take them under his wings.

It would not be false to say that this young lad at just 17, has become India’s favourite digital marketing expert and social media influencers whose name spells success.

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