What it took for Brandon Odam to follow his passion for digital marketing

Brandon Odom graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2007 and went on to earn his Master’s in Leadership Studies. He served as an Active Duty US Army Officer for 7 before he became an affiliate marketer in 2014. After some major hurdles, he finally found his stride and achieved the lifestyle he envisioned for himself and his family while investing his time into projects he cares deeply about. 

Here what Brandon has to say about his work

Brandon has achieved top ranks in a global direct sales company, founded or co-founded more than a half dozen digital businesses along with a Latin dance event production company and is considered a “super affiliate” for his ability to drive a high volume of sales to online offers. Odam latest brand Super Affiliate Life showcases his life lessons learned throughout the journey beginning as a struggling affiliate marketer 6 years ago, to producing multiple 7 figures in online sales and along the way helping others find their paths to personal success using a specific set of digital skills and learning. Over the last 5 years, Brandon has generated over $10 million in sales directly through multiple digital sales funnels he has created. Brandon’s core offer for the last 5 years has been high-ticket health products, primarily Enagic alkaline water ionizers. The team has sold millions of dollars worth of those machines which have blessed thousands of households with constant access to the healthiest water on the planet.

The reason Brandon started his business

The reason behind Brandon started this business because he truly wanted to help people improve their health, get more sales for their business and make more money. Soon he came to realize that his services were a doorway to a total life transformation for many clients and that’s what always keeps him grounded and motivated to continue along this path.

Brandon speaks about his goals

One of Brandon’s major goals is to have accomplished within 5 years is purchasing or constructing his ideal dance club & event space in Phoenix or Scottsdale that he has envisioned for at least the last 7 years now. What he has in mind would take about $5 million and would bring a smile to a lot of peoples’ faces including his own.


Making businesses thrive through his on target marketing strategies is Nishit Sangwan.

His endeavours have taken him to soaring heights of success.

Without right approach none of the businesses can survive in the long run. Today, with the growing popularity of internet, many businesses have migrated their physical operations to the digital platform. Being on the Internet simply doesn’t mean that business would make a killing, for it requires the right marketing strategies to reach their targeted customer base. Methods if wrongly followed can give zero results, in such times expert hands like Nishit Sangwan come into the picture. This young digipreneur holds mastery over the craft of social media influencing and digital marketing in an astounding manner and has been credited of catapulting many brands and businesses to glory through his marketing skills.

This 17 year old young digital marketing wizard from Haryana has helped many, including celebrities make their digital impact through his time tested methods, which is one of the major reasons for his ever growing list of clients who vouch for his impeccable services guaranteed to give results. Nishit says, he was always impressed with the workings of the digital medium and had decided to make a career out of it. He worked hard towards learning the nitty-gritties of the business, and finally gained enough knowledge, that he established his own digital marketing agency in no time. He started off with posting videos on YouTube and then gradually moved on to creating lifestyle related content on Instagram which garnered enough fan following to place him directly on the highest pedestal.

Today, Nishit’s social media presence is astounding with his follower base increasing by the day which has made him one of the most sought after social media influencers of present times. His innovative digital marketing strategies are the talk of the town and many brands, businesses and entrepreneurs vie for his attention to take them under his wings.

It would not be false to say that this young lad at just 17, has become India’s favourite digital marketing expert and social media influencers whose name spells success.

Connect with Nishit on to mark your impactful digital presence today.


American Airlines strategy 30% decrease of the board, managerial staff

American Airlines hopes to diminish the board and managerial employments by 30%.

The aircraft is additionally offering buyouts for these representatives.

Aircrafts are slicing costs after the coronavirus pandemic crushed interest for air travel.

American Airlines is intending to cut 30% of its administration and care staff, a decrease of around 5,000 occupations, due to the cost coronavirus is taking on the business, the organization told representatives Wednesday.

The carrier likewise began offering buyouts to these workers and said it intends to offer new deliberate leave and buyouts for cutting edge staff, for example, airline stewards, one month from now, as indicated by an organization notice that was seen.

“Despite the fact that our pre-pandemic liquidity, the noteworthy money related help gave by the administration, and the money we’ve brought up in the capital markets give an establishment to dependability, we have to decrease our cost structure, including our most critical cost — the expense of remuneration and advantages,” Elise Eberwein, American’s official VP of individuals and worldwide commitment, said in the staff note.

American and different aircrafts are scrambling to reduce expenses due to the pandemic’s staggering impact on movement request, which has pushed them to their first misfortunes in quite a while. While more explorers are taking to the skies as of late than a month ago, request is still down over 80% from a year prior.

Carrier administrators have said they hope to shrivel on account of the feeble interest, which has additionally incited them to stop many jetliners, cut courses and urge representatives to take willful unpaid or somewhat paid leave, and at times resign early.

“Moreover, running a littler aircraft implies we will require an administration and care staff group that is generally 30% less fatty,” Eberwein composed.

The board and care staff will have until the finish of June 10 to apply for the buyout and American is offering volunteers 33% of their compensation through the finish of 2020 and five years of movement benefits. Workers that are laid off after Oct. 1 won’t get a severance, as per another organization update saw by.

American had around 130,000 representatives as of the finish of 2019 thus far, around 39,000 have taken willful leaves or early retirement.

A month ago, carriers began to get portions of a $25 billion government help bundle put in a safe spot for aircrafts. The carriers that acknowledged the guide are disallowed from laying off or cutting the compensation paces of representatives through Sept. 30.

“There is no uncertainty this will be an excruciating time for all, particularly for our withdrawing partners, who have given American Airlines their everything and are leaving through no flaw of their own,” Eberwein said. “They merit our regard and appreciation. The greater part of all, they are owed our recharged duty and our aggregate exertion to return American to productivity and development as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.”


All indication point to developing downturn even as U.S. eyes how to revive for business

April may be the ugliest month in U.S. financial history

The hits to the U.S. economy continue coming.

The current week’s up and coming reports on cutbacks, lodging, shopper certainty and the soundness of organizations are on the whole going to be revolting. Once more.

The most opportune depiction of the falling apart economy has been the week after week count of the recently jobless. Introductory jobless cases, a harsh intermediary for cutbacks, have expanded by in any event 5 million for three straight weeks.

The surge of new jobless cases is required to “moderate” to around 4.5 million in the following update on April 23, however it would push all out activity misfortunes near 25 million in the previous five weeks.

A back-of-the-envelope estimation recommends a joblessness rate somewhere in the range of 15% and 20%. The main other time joblessness was higher was during the stature of the decade-long Great Depression in 1933.

“The U.S. economy is draining employments at a pace and scale at no other time recorded. It thinks about to a cataclysmic event on a national scale,” said Scott Anderson, boss market analyst at Bank of the West.

A couple of studies of American producers and administration arranged organizations, then, are probably going to see action levels tumbling to record lows. The studies are gathered by IHS Markit, beginning with a fundamental gauge that covers the early piece of the month, when the U.S. economy was for the most part closed down.

While the administration side of the economy — cafés, lodgings, aircrafts and so forth — have been gravely hit, producers have done less severely. Be that as it may, not all makers are equivalent.

Those that make groceries and family merchandise like bathroom tissue and macaroni have seen a surge of new deals from buyers stuck at home, yet automobile creators and organizations that make costly items aren’t faring so well.

Requests for these costly and dependable things, known as sturdy merchandise, are probably going to post a decrease of 10%-in addition to in March similarly as the pandemic spread.

Buyers, as far as it matters for them, have justifiably turned very desolate.

The second and last review of shopper notion in April will most likely show a significantly more profound slide than the underlying perusing. The University of Michigan said before in the month that its record endured its greatest ever drop, tumbling to 71 from 89.1 in March.

To wrap it up, the offer of new and recently possessed homes are both expected to show decreases in March, however it’s muddled how profound. The huge crunch just came over the most recent fourteen days of the month.

Whatever the case, the land scene is going to look exceptionally desolate when the April makes sense of come a month later.

“As ‘stay-at-home’ orders have spread across the U.S. in April, new home sales sites and realtor offices were required to close, demolishing new and existing home sales,” financial experts at BMO Capital Markets wrote in an exploration note.