Despite backlash over pricing at her skincare company, Deepika Padukone says, “I’m using the products I’m selling”

In 2022, Deepika Padukone established her skin care line, 82 E. Over the course of the previous year, the star has added numerous new items to the line. As her business expands, Deepika has responded to criticism over the product prices that was voiced when she first established the brand in a recent interview. Customers of Deepika’s brand were reassured by her that she actually utilizes the goods she sells.

She said to CNBC-TV 18, “If I am selling you a Rs 2,500 product, rest assured that I am also using it every day.” According to price to quantity ratio, the most expensive product on her website is a 15 ml under-eye cream that her company offers for Rs 2,400. Deepika discussed the criticism the business faced for marketing pricey goods and how they overcame it by saying, “The way we have been able to do that is by being consistent and true to who we are.” We will keep doing it since it is how we have built a strong brand over the last year.

“And as far as celebrity brands or celebrities in general getting backlash or getting trolled, it’s a part of what we do,” Deepika continued. “I think as long as you put your head down and you keep going, as long as you true and honest to what you do, I think you will always move ahead of the tide.” Deepika acknowledged that being a celebrity comes with the part.

In recent months, Deepika’s company has launched a number of new goods, and the star has stated that she is the first to taste anything that is produced, even before it is put through scientific trials. She declared, “I am the guinea pig,” going on to say that she is the first person in the system to test everything, even before it is put through dermatological or clinical testing. I give them a try initially. I test things out for at least a week, if not more. Depending on my input, it may take up to several months. Once I give the go-ahead, it enters clinical testing.

Regarding movies, Deepika has had an amazing year because to her long cameos in the blockbuster movies Jawan and Pathaan.