The Lovely Couple: Atul Kishan Sharma, A Youth Icon and Riya Are Now Married

Rumours can be both positive as well as negative but there will always be fans who like to talk about the popular people on social media. Recently, social media has been a great source of gaining information because people are allowed to spread whatever they want to without any hindrances from the external sources. Atul Kishan Sharma, the youth icon has undergone a similar situation. His friend is the one who is responsible for such rumours but it cannot be blamed on him to because the situation could have been avoided. Since Atul is already very famous, it was not something to be looked over easily.

For the past few days, social media fans have been raising a lot of issue about the rumour since Atul Kishan Sharma was about to be married soon. But, how did they get to know about this and where did they derive the information from? There is always a beginning of everything and the Storey began when a friend of his uploaded an image of his engagement. At that time, this information was very personal and Mr Sharma himself denied to give any opinion or comments on whether the news is true or not. But it was just confirmed that he is indeed married to a beautiful young woman named Riya. Mrs Sharma is also trending and the media pages have gone berserk with this recent development!

Marriages are very complicated for some people who do not have a very good personality and whose behaviour towards their family is rather ignorant. Mr Sharma on the other hand is not going to have any issue with his married life, he would be a very loving and caring husband giving equal amount of attention to his household. Although his work situation calls for long hours, He has obviously been flawless about prioritising his everyday activity and balancing his work and personal life on a whole new level. His verified Instagram account must also be filling up with direct messages from thousands of fans since they have been curious about this news. Most of them wish him well and hope that he has a good matter of life and enjoyed every bit of it! Do you want to drop him a personal message too? You can follow his Instagram account in order to do so and stay tuned to his recent life updates. He is surely an inspiring successful businessman.