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ATS Wallet, the first digital wallet in history, is a cutting-edge product of the US-based company Abacon Technology Solution LLC was founded in 2013. In 2020, the company opens to sell its shares. 

The current boom in digital currency resulting in a massive upward swing in the prices of cryptocurrencies in the global markets makes it a very lucrative area of investment. The upward curve in digital currencies is likely to witness a massive boom in the very near future.

It is here where the investors in shares of ATS Wallet can cash in. It is more so as the Coinbase stocks are now officially listed on the exchange including. Nasdaq securities also play a very positive role in enhancing the trust of investors in Coinbase stocks.

Subsequently, the investors find ATS shares as the safest bet. They can also foresee that ATS share prices will soar up when it goes public in March 2022 as scheduled.

ATS Wallet is registered as a Money Service Business with FinCEN and complies with the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA Patriot Act. It also complies with state money transmission laws and regulations.

As the world is fast switching over to digital currencies, ATS Wallet too has decided to broad-base its benefits with the chance to buy its shares for the public. The shares are realistically projected to grow in value year-on-year. 

Abacon Technology Solution LLC is now entering the IPO market. In 2022, the IPO of ATS Wallet is going to be launched. The price band will be $ 1.

Abacon Technology Solution LLC is a cryptocurrency technology company of repute.

The company has formulated three packages to buy ATS Wallet shares.  

These packages are:

  1. Com: $200 – 5000
  2. VIP: $5001 – 20, 000
  3. Business: $ 20,001 – 100,000

ATS is currently developing in 46 countries. It will grow in 60 countries by October 2021. ATS Wallet is the first wallet to issue internal shares through Masternodes.

An investor in shares of ATS Wallet can benefit in four ways by purchasing shares. They are:

  1. Share value increase
  2. Profit income from dividend
  3. Get 150% of the package participating in Dash
  4. Receive dividend

In 2017, the company developed ATS Wallet and launched Masternode two years later in 2019. The company has already sold more than half of its shares and will soon increase the price band. The reason behind the proposed raising of share prices follows an upward swing in prices of Coinbase shares.

Before the IPO is floated in 2022, Abacon Technology Solution LLC expects the prices of shares to go further up. Currently, the ATS shares are being bought by large underground investors in large quantities. Through the IPO, the company is aiming to raise additional funds for its expansion programmes.

ATS Wallet is going to get listed in two stock exchanges in the USA.

Currently, the ATS stock price is trading at $0.045 per share as of March 26, 2021. The current share price of ATS is $ 0.05. Abacon Technology Solution LLC saw a massive response in the sales of shares after the company paid its second dividend.

For large investors, an IPO opens up a new guaranteed investment environment with bright opportunities in stock prices.

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