Traversing the world as a whole uniquely is travel influencer Rasmus Peter Kristensen, living different life experiences and sharing the same through “Resort”

Being a responsible traveller himself, Rasmus lays out some tips where people can also become responsible travellers.

It’s time for people to give less excuses and show more action as travelling requires more efforts and actions for you to take on the world. It is essential to travel to keep the soul happy and one such travel influencer who lives for travelling is Rasmus Peter Kristensen. This man, along with his wife, travels the world, gathers all kinds of experiences and shares them on their Instagram page called “Resort”. This page is a unique space for all the travel lovers as travellers can share their unique experiences of hotels, resorts, places, etc. and tag @resort on Instagram so that they get the chance to get featured on their page and influence others as well for travelling.

However, it is also very important to be a responsible traveller and leave trails of yours, making it a better place for others. Rasmus explains that responsible travel is when individuals are aware of how their travelling can affect the destinations and cultures around the world. It is about knowing how you can impact people and places through your travelling activities. It is about awareness and kindness for the places and the world overall where you travel.

Hence, below are some of the pro tips by the man himself Rasmus, who shares his tips on how one can be a responsible traveller.

  • Respect the people of the destination and their culture: Behaving like a guest to a new place is being kind enough to the locals there. Hence, Rasmus says what people might do in their hometown may not be acceptable in other places of the world, so they must behave responsibly and respect the culture and the locals of the new place.

  • Go for local shopping: When travelling to a new place, always first find out the local eateries or the local places where you can stay so that you contribute something to the local economy of that place. You can even support small family-run businesses, by staying in their guest houses, buying from local sellers, etc. advises Rasmus.

  • Do not use plastic: The harmful impacts and effects plastic can have all over the world is known to all; however, still, people use plastic bags, cans, bottles, when travelling, which Rasmus says should be a complete no-no.

  • Choose walking: For discovering any new place, Rasmus says that people must choose to walk and know the different areas of a city or town as it also does good to the environment. Roaming around in a new place is a unique experience altogether.

Travelling had always inspired Rasmus even as a kid as he always wished to explore the many unknown places on the earth. He feels that travelling sets him free and makes him live some out of the world experiences of his life. Hence, he also created Resort, where he gives a chance to many other people like him to share their travelling experiences by tagging them @resort and helping people to map out the various hotels, resorts and places they recommend to others.

Rasmus’ Resort in a very short time has gained great momentum and has crossed more than 1.1 million followers already.



Siddhartha Das: carving a niche for himself as a travel blogger and influencer

Young Siddhartha Das after completing his graduation from Dibrugarh and moving on to Mumbai University for further studies had his career path cut out for him . He was fond of cricket, writing quotes and travelling as his hobbies and decided to convert his hobby of travelling into a lucrative career for himself.

His current job with the Royal Caribbean International, not only saw him enriching his passport with a travel history of 24 countries, but also his mind with a wealth of experiences. He decided to write about his experiences and this very soon earned him the tag of a popular travel blogger and influencer. Currently as part of his work, Siddhartha is still travelling and is in Shanghai.

Siddhartha carries with him a dedication to whatever he does and this is what saw him win accolades from him company, The Oberoi Group when he was employed with them as “employee of the month “two times in a row.
Siddhartha feels that he still has a lot to explore in terms of travel, since the world is full of beautiful countries and experiences. He is all set to document his travel experiences in future too and relive each and every moment and experience through his words and blogs!

You can check out his Instagram page Sid_aroundtheworld


Breaking Through the Noise on Instagram with the travel influencer and photographer Michelangelo Azzariti

Instagram is growing to be one of the top social networks, thanks to the over 500 million people using the platform every day. It is an excellent channel to market your product or brand as it gives you the opportunity to connect with millions of people. However, the fact that millions of people use Instagram all the time means that it can be challenging to break through all the noise to use the platform effectively for business. Professional photographer and travel influencer, Michelangelo Azzariti shares his top tips on how to cut through the noise on Instagram to stay afloat.

Standing out from the Crowd

If you want to stand out in a sea of photographers, you must think beyond creating amazing images. Because you aren’t the only one able to take knock-it-out-of-the-park photos anymore. You’ve probably noticed by now that there are a lot of photographers who do good work. If you want to be the one to get hired, good images don’t cut it. You’ve got to find another way to stand apart from the crowd. Michelangelo’s style of photography is inspired by the particular angles he shoots the scenes of places he visits. Whenever he is taking a photo at a popular destination, for instance, he does not shoot at the same angles that everyone does. Michelangelo believes in being different. As a result of his unique style, thousands of people are in love with his work. 

Be Original

As much as we like to think of ourselves as entirely unique, there’s a good chance we are doing, thinking, or hoping for things that others have already done. However, you can be different if you choose to. Being an original is about finding something unique about yourself amid the parts of you that go along with the flow. Michelangelo believes that originality is the single most celebrated quality of the artist. Craftsmanship may rank a close second, but it is originality that typically draws the most praise and causes an artist to be remembered. The same applies to how you grow on social media for your business. He says that creating a community is not easy as the market is saturated. Nonetheless, with different and original content from other people, you can distinguish yourself. Michelangelo reiterates that even with creativity and originality, the essential thing in photography that every artist should know is how to create and maintain contact with followers and always involving them.

Learn How the System Works

Photography has become so popular, mainly because of the inclusion of cameras on mobile phones, so it’s more difficult for your photos to be noticed. But, if you learn a little more about photography, your photos will be more likely to stand out from the crowd. According to Michelangelo, everyone should learn a little bit of photography because everyone can benefit from it. Not only is it a fun hobby, but it can even make you grow as a person. Throughout his career, Michelangelo has always had the desire to learn. Since we are in the age of social media, new photographers need to learn how to use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to their benefit. “I have always tried to study every single Instagram change, its complex algorithm that keeps on changing,” he says. 

It is through constant research that Michelangelo has learned growth strategies. He spends hours on YouTube, watching tutorials, testing, and seeing what works for the better hours of the day. He also enjoys looking for appropriate hashtags for each type of photo he wants to post. Such work takes time and above all, patience. “In the end,” Michelangelo advises, “as in all things in life, the desire to learn and to reach a goal always pays; just believe in yourself.”

Committing even a small amount of time regularly to learn more about social media for photography will help you enjoy the creative process of image-making and using that on social media to generate income. It will help overcome frustrations you may have because you don’t understand your craft well enough. As you study, you will find that your creative ideas and expression will come more naturally.