Siddhartha Das: carving a niche for himself as a travel blogger and influencer

Young Siddhartha Das after completing his graduation from Dibrugarh and moving on to Mumbai University for further studies had his career path cut out for him . He was fond of cricket, writing quotes and travelling as his hobbies and decided to convert his hobby of travelling into a lucrative career for himself.

His current job with the Royal Caribbean International, not only saw him enriching his passport with a travel history of 24 countries, but also his mind with a wealth of experiences. He decided to write about his experiences and this very soon earned him the tag of a popular travel blogger and influencer. Currently as part of his work, Siddhartha is still travelling and is in Shanghai.

Siddhartha carries with him a dedication to whatever he does and this is what saw him win accolades from him company, The Oberoi Group when he was employed with them as “employee of the month “two times in a row.
Siddhartha feels that he still has a lot to explore in terms of travel, since the world is full of beautiful countries and experiences. He is all set to document his travel experiences in future too and relive each and every moment and experience through his words and blogs!

You can check out his Instagram page Sid_aroundtheworld