RichdaGoat: Spread smile and share happiness in this pandemic


I’m Richard Tidor Aka Richdagoat the way i created my name was my nickname was rich and i’m a capricorn which is a goat hence the name richdagoat i’m from broward county, florida. i started making comedy videos as a hobbie which grew into passion.

How did you get into stand up comedy?

I wouldn’t call myself a stand-up comedian. I see it as more of a social media comedian. Honestly, this whole comedy thing was really a “why not try it out” moment. I knew that I was funny from a young age and decided to give it a shot.

Have you always wanted to be a comedian?

No, I actually wanted the complete opposite. I wanted to play in the NBA, that was my dream and I spent most of my early teen years focusing on that. The comedy part just came out of no where to be honest, I always was naturally funny but I never really gave it a shot until a few years ago.

Were you the classroom joker?

Kinda sorta. I wouldn’t label myself a classroom joker in High School, if you knew me I probably made you laugh a couple times just by being myself but I was really focused in school so I knew when to laugh and when to be serious.

If you weren’t a comedian what job would you do?

Honestly, I probably would be working a normal 9 to 5 job, going to school for a trade, which I’m planning on doing sometime in the near future or probably building my own brand. My mind is always on what I can do better in my life to get where I want to be in the future, where I am able to help out the ones I care about the most.

Did you ever think you were funny but you just weren’t there yet but had no idea? Do you think you made an ass of yourself?

I always knew that I was funny but never really thought of taking it and making it a future career goal of mine. All this comedy stuff was something that I just decided to try out just to see how my followers would react to it and it was received well. Did I make a fool of myself at times? Absolutely! What comedian hasn’t? I just see it as an opportunity to learn from and a guide to creating better content.

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