Patpat Ensures that Babies and Moms Always Stay in Style for Precious Moments While Saving Your Budget


Becoming a parent brings excitement, joy, and a little panic, particularly when you realize it’s a huge financial expense.  Balancing the expense of the day-to-day basics with the cost of splurging on the extras that help create those “once in a lifetime moments” can be overwhelming.   The world we live in today makes it especially important to be prepared with as much information and tools as possible. 

According to a report from the United States Department of Agriculture, families spend up to $1,280 annually on clothing. That’s approximately 6% of the total costs to raise a child.  Anxiety comes from every parent’s knowledge that “The years fly by” (they really do).  Baby will be all grown in the blink of an eye, so on top of budget concerns and demanding schedules, savoring your child’s early life requires new strategies and technologies. 

PatPat provides just such a solution.  Founded in 2014,  PatPat was the brainchild of two Bay Area dads,  Albert Wang and Ken Gao, who were shocked to discover just how expensive it was to outfit their new families.   As engineers they decided to see if they could create a better, more affordable solution, so they left their tech business to start PatPat.   They wanted to make things exciting and colorful for mothers and families by bringing vibrant variety in apparel at affordable prices for all consumers worldwide. The idea of an easy to use e-commerce Manufacturing to Consumer business model was born.

PatPat’s e-commerce site offers a wide range of apparel from moms-to-be, moms, new babies, and a young family.  PatPat is gradually establishing itself as the top-ranked online retail store for parents, by offering amazing prices on adorable outfits.  Their original designs, quality and attention to detail, makes outfitting your child or family easy regardless of your budget constraints.  With the almost endless assortment, mothers across Europe, America, Canada, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand can shop, find unique, cute, adorable outfits that often are part of those magical and memorable once in a lifetime moments while balancing their family budgets.

Once in a Lifetime Clothing at Steep Discounted Prices

PatPat is part of the fast-growing children’s wear market with the launch of more than 1000 self-designed children’s clothes every month at steep discounted prices.  PatPat’s contemporary fashion is as diverse as the populations of the world.  The budget-friendly shopping at PatPat is due to PatPat’s Manufacturer-to-Consumer (M2C) retail business model.  Goods come from the manufacturer to the customer without relying on traditional stores, intermediaries, or middleman such as wholesalers, agents, or retailers. This allows M2C companies such as PatPat to sell their products at steep discounted prices vs traditional consumer brands, and to maintain end-to-end control over the making, marketing, and distribution of products.  These well-positioned M2C companies are not just competing with some of the biggest retail brands in apparel, mattresses, razors, shoes, and more. They’re competing by rethinking not just the product, but also the retail model.

Changing the Face of Online Retail in Children’s Wear Industry

The technology orientated co-founders, Albert Wang, CEO, and Ken Gao, COO, headquartered PatPat in Mountain View, California. Cute apparel, fashion accessories for kids, and baby products, home goods, and women designs are all part of the company’s catalog. In a traditional retailer, the selling price is comprised of manufacturing cost, importers,  distributors, and brick-and-mortar store costs. By adopting the concept of M2C, PatPat can offer their goods at steeply discounted prices to consumers.  Using technology and access to almost unlimited styles PatPat can bring the unique styles desired by any mom and her family across the world.

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