Reza Jalali: Investing in the realty sector

Housing investment is one of the most common investment methods in Iran. Because of the entire and 100% confidence of users in the growth of housing prices in the future, this investment method has become a secure way to maintain the value of people’s capital, and thus everyone converts his accumulated capital into housing, counting on his financial ability. The housing market has also proven that it is the ability to manage money relative to inflation in recent years. As a result, this market may be considered as one of the leading markets for inflation. Given this market’s high sensitivities and the difficulties that we are witnessing, we decided to introduce a comprehensive and complete analysis of the value movement trend in this market. Using this trend in housing prices can significantly impact choosing the proper time to enter it. Therefore, the teachings and statistics that we will review below are often used to reduce the risk of investing in housing.

What does it mean to invest in housing?

Housing investment has different dimensions. There are common mistakes in this method of investing among users. Understanding the concepts of investing in housing is essential for today’s users. Making an error in this market will jeopardize your capital and destroy its value concerning inflation and other parameters. Investing in a house is generally wiped out in the following ways:

Buying and selling housing for a limited rate in the short term

Buying old property and renovating it will add value to it.

Buy housing for long periods to keep up value for money and profit.

Buying old houses for builders

Participation in housing construction


Invest in housing rent

Each investment in housing has its principles and requires its training. Therefore, before entering the housing market, you want to determine your path in this market. This route will primarily reduce the chance and, secondly, create the energy you would like to invest in this market. This goal setting will be profitable for you regardless of the housing value fluctuations in different periods. Which method of investing in the housing market is accurate depends directly on the individual’s circumstances. Available capital, available specialties, capital requirements, and a few other factors can affect your goal of entering the housing market.