In this year’s Apple Watch Ultra 3, here are some things to look forward to

In honor of the product’s tenth anniversary, there have been numerous reports regarding the creation of a “Apple Watch X,” which would be a significantly upgraded Apple Watch. As we get into the specifics, you’ll see that not much has been revealed about what is expected from the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra.

Rumors about an Apple Watch Ultra 3:

In 2022, the first Apple Watch Ultra was unveiled as a more durable choice for individuals who engage in extreme sports like deep sea diving or mountain climbing. The more robust build of the Apple Watch Ultra allows it to survive even the most demanding situations. It differs from previous Apple Watches in that it is larger at 49 millimeters and has a longer battery life.

For its second generation in 2023, Apple Watch Ultra has been updated, while having a completely different design from anything the company has ever released before. Only a few small enhancements, such a slightly faster chip, a brighter display, and better ultra wideband technology, are present in the second version.

Because of this, some have been wondering if Apple would choose to follow the path of the Apple Watch SE and update the Watch Ultra every two years, or if the firm would update it again this year. We were surprised to learn that an uninteresting Apple Watch Ultra 3 may be on the way.

Later this year, Apple intends to release a new version of the Apple Watch Ultra, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors). In contrast to the current generation, Kuo also claims that Ultra 3 will have “almost no” new features. What can be expected from the upcoming edition was not made clear by the expert.

The Apple Watch X, also known as the Series 10, is rumored to have a blood pressure sensor in addition to the ability to identify sleep apnea. If verified, the Apple Watch Ultra 3 will likely include these additional features as well.