Next film will shoot soon revealed by Shah Rukh Khan also stated ‘I needed some rest after 3 films’

The actor Shah Rukh Khan was quite busy in 2023 and hasn’t been on set for his next project yet this year. In an interview with Star Sports on Friday for Kight Club’s King Khan Rules, the actor shared information on his return to filming later this year as well as other things.

“Last year, I had three films”

Shah Rukh mentioned that he was working nonstop because he had three releases last year: Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki. He explained that he chose to take a break and focus on his IPL cricket club, the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), because his roles demanded a lot of him physically.

“I just felt like I could really get some rest,” he remarked. Making the teenager film Chuka Hoon required a lot of physical labor as well. I responded by saying that I might take a break. I told the entire team that we would be playing big matches. Thankfully, we are shooting in July instead than August. We intend to hold our June se shuru hojayegi in June. I can now attend every match without any restrictions. Main aata hoon khushi se. (I sensed that I might relax. I worked on three physically demanding movies. I promised the entire team that I would attend their games. Thankfully, we plan in June and I don’t film my next until August or June. Being here makes me joyful.

Virat has been called “damaad” by Shah Rukh for Bollywood

Given that he is the spouse of actor Anushka Sharma, the actor referred to Virat Kohli as Bollywood’s “damaad” in a recent interview with the same channel. “I just love him, we spent a lot of time together,” he remarked. He is referred to as our son-in-law and the “daamad” of our brotherhood. Among the players, I have had the most experience with him. I’ve spent a lot of time with Virat and Anushka during the years that we’ve known each other. I’ve known him while we were filming the movie together and he was still dating. He consequently spent a lot of days with us and warmed up quickly.