Review of Karthikeya 2: An Enjoyable Mythological Ride


What Is the Story of the Movie?

Sri Krishna’s anklet plays a significant role in the adventure thriller Karthikeya 2. What is its background? Now where is it? The main plot of the film concerns who is after it and how Dr. Karthikeya unintentionally finds him heavily engaged in a mystery surrounding it.


For the past few years, Nikhil has been acting in movies judiciously and giving each of them his all. Karthikeya 2 is no different in this regard. The actor devises a clever action devoid of conventional heroism. He delivers in keeping with the situation without going beyond. Additionally, the absence of commercial trappings makes the work much more intense and focused. Despite the fact that this character in his films doesn’t have any particularly memorable “performance” moments, it stands out because of its high calibre.

The fact that Anupama Parameswaran is a heroine is merely a formality. Instead of being a traditional heroine, she plays a crucial role in the story. She is a crucial gang member, and the development of the primary plot is aided by her character.


Director Chandoo Mondeti burst on the scene with Nikhil starrer Karthikeya. Yes, the original movie marked his debut. Now years later, he has come up with a second chapter. For the uninitiated, Karthikeya 2 has nothing to do with the first part. It is a standalone film where the main lead from the first part is on a different journey. So, Karthikeya, aka Karthik, is now a doctor and taking on a new case of sorts.

A significant difference between Karthikeya and Karthikeya 2 is the shift in tone. The first one was genuinely a small-scale thriller with horror and mystery elements. The second chapter is an upgrade in all the departments. It is now turned into an adventure genre with the features of mystique and thrill in place. It is in the space of Indiana Jones, and we have a doctor leading the expedition. The introduction, therefore, is not to be missed. It sets up the basic premise and the adventure that ensures. Shree Krishna’s anklet is what everyone is after, and it is narrated convincingly despite the presence of many threads and characters. The first thing that strikes positively is the background and the location. They add to the spiritual feel and give a fresh feeling throughout. The entire first half progresses interestingly, mixing the various threads and bringing the hero to the front and centre of the core theme. The interval bang is alright. It does the job of raising the curiosity for the second half. Post intermission, things move to Mathura, and the narrative becomes more focused on the core drama. The quest is neatly punctuated with dialogues related to God and humanity. This aspect elevates the proceedings along with the accompanying background score. The problem, minor ones, arrives via some rushed bits. They appear cinematic and slightly unconvincing. It is what we call the screenplay of convenience. Things just happen to further the narrative without giving a proper feel. But, it isn’t the case entirely and is merely a tiny blip in the larger scheme of things. Also, when it comes to adventure dramas, the narrative turns formulaic and lacks engagement when one thing leads to another conveniently. That is not the case here, as there is more to it than just the formula. The ending neatly encapsulates it. Overall, Karthikeya 2 is a bigger, better and more focused narrative than the first one. It delivers mostly and leaves us satisfied watching a fresh product. It should be easily the first choice of viewing this weekend, for sure.

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