OMAX COIN changes the narratives of the crypto industry.


Why did you get or want to get into cryptocurrency? Did you want to make quick money? Did you feel like you were early to the party? Was it exciting? Or do you genuinely like decentralised finance?

Now, let me ask you this. Do you use PayPal to shop overseas because it’s safe? Do you use Visa card because it is recognised everywhere?

Yes? Well..

The Omax blockchain and subsequent e-commerce integration using Omax pay is going to combine all of these opportunities into a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will have your own cryptocurrency balance that will be able to be used at any merchants on their e-commerce platform and give you the safety of PayPal, the worldwide use of visa and with fast transactions and low fees that will dwarf the two previously stated methods and have you wondering how you lived without OMAX!!

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