Read an inspirational story of young MMA fighter and Entrepreneur Helal Jr.


Many top names of the world inspire others with their competitive nature and fighting spirit. Their life teaches us how to overcome all the obstacles of life and becomes the winner of the field you love the most. 

We are talking about the most Inspiring people of the world. So in this article of ours, we would like to introduce to you all one of the best MMA Fighter and Entrepreneur Helal Jr of Malaysia. 

Helal Jr. is 23 years old renowned Athlete from Cairo, Egypt – born and raised in Egypt. He is currently based in Malaysia. 

His Career started quite early; he was only 12 years old when he first started kickboxing in 2007. In three years he stepped into new shoes more dangerous this time in MMA. He joined MMA due to his Brother Ali Younis. 

He and his brother were the two who first started to take this to a bigger scale to the people of Cairo.

In Helal Jr. life role of his brother has influenced him strong throughout his life. He helped him to learn the game of martial arts. Once he learned Martial arts and all he has never looked back and intends to continue bringing the education aspect of physical training across Asia.

In 2015, he moved to Bristol, UK to pursue a degree in Product Design and to also enhance his skills in MMA. 

In an unexpected turn of events, his mentor, Helal Jr. beloved brother, met with an accident and lost his life. His brother’s demise was the most significant loss of his life, but his desire to bring martial arts into the world and uses his brother as a constant inspiration for his successes.

After recovering from the loss, he diverted his plans to Malaysia to complete his studies and pursue his & his brother’s dream (WBC World Champion).

Helal Jr. plan is to Keep fighting boxing and win the WBC Asia title. He also wants to open his own gym in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. 

Many don’t know that Helal Jr is the Founder of bxglab (boxing lab)

He aims to build a reliable company and make it the number 1 boxing apparel in Malaysia. 

Here are some of the Achievements of Helal Jr. 2011- EFC Muay Thai Champion, 2012 – EFC MMA Bantamweight Champion, 2014 – EMA Featherweight Champion, 2018 – TRFC Light Welterweight Champion.

We hope all of Helal Jr. dreams come true and he can win the WBC Asia title. With that, he also gets success in making BXGLAB best boxing Apparel company of Malaysia and the world.

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