One of the richest pets in the world is Taylor Swift’s $97 million cat


According to a new report from All About Cats, Taylor Swift’s beloved glamourpuss, a Scottish fold named Olivia Benson, is the third-richest pet in the world. The fat cat is said to have amassed a pawsitively impressive $97 million estimated net worth.

Feline fine at No. 2 with an estimated to have net worth of $100 million, is the social media influencer @Nala_cat, a Siamese and tabby mix. With a staggering $500 million, the Italian media company Gunther Corporation’s German Shepherd Gunther VI won the title of the world’s richest pet.

The pet’s potential earnings per social media post and Instagram analytics were used to create the list. On her Instagram page in 2020, Swift shared a picture of Olivia sprawled out on a couch, which received more than 2 million likes.

The star of the “Midnights” album has been open about how much she loves her cat, named after actress Mariska Hargitay from “Law & Order: SVU” Character named “Special Victims Unit.” Her fluffy cat has been seen in her shows “Me!” and “Blank Space.” music videos and a number of commercials, one of which was for Diet Coke in 2014.

“Before I got the second cat, I was kind of canvassing everyone I knew, saying, ‘Is cats, cat lady?’” Swift said during a 2014 interview on “Live With Kelly and Michael” in which she emphasized the plural of “cat.”

“Two cats is cats, and there’s more than one. And they’re like, ‘No, three cats is a cat lady, two cats is a party.’”

On the list of the richest pets, Benson was followed by Oprah Winfrey’s dogs Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla, and Luke, who earned $30 million. $25 million Pomeranian Jiffpom; the cat of late Karl Lagerfeld. $13 million for Choupette; and Pontiac, the dog of the late actress Betty White, which cost $5 million.

Doug the Pug, Tucker, and Marutaro, all famous dogs on Instagram, were tied for $1.5 million.

Benjamin Button, Swift’s second cat, is named after the character played by Brad Pitt in the 2008 movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” The cat Button is a rag doll cat. He was not selected.

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