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Model Markdabeast1 has been breaking the chains with his all natural physique. Since the start of his modeling career, Mark has become a popular fitness icon on social media. He has two Instagram accounts and has amassed over 190,000 followers. He started his modeling career in 2015 when he was invited to an event called, “Sacramento after dark” . The event was established by Sacramento based Photographers to create opportunities for upcoming Models.

What does it mean to be a natural model?

When it comes to being a natural Model you must be original. Most models like to use filters for their photos, editing and photoshop to get the better edge. Modeling comes with a lot of competition but has a very short shelf life.

A report by GuruObserver notes that Mark is one model who believes in doing things the natural way, unlike many models Mark hasnʼt undergone surgeries or used enhancements to achieve his goals. He believes in staying on a good nutrition plan and keeping his body in shape by going to the gym two times a day five days a week.

There isnʼt a secret for being a natural Model, you have to take care of your body. He believes that if you choose the easy route by having surgery and using enhancements it will only affect your body and mind in a negative way.

Mark’s upbringing, career, and success

Mark spent his early life in his Hometown Sacramento, California where he attended High School at Highlands High. Mark was picked on and bullied because of his unbranded clothing. He was respected by his track Teammates and Coaches because of his athleticism.

Despite being bullied Mark was always looked up to by his siblings and friends. Mark was raised alongside five Sisters and three Brothers. In 2012 he moved out of his Motherʼs house and into his Fatherʼs after enduring a series of arguments. Mark also had troubles with his Father who was an abusive alcoholic. In 2014 he got a job at a Community Center where he was able to make enough money to rent a room and move from his Fatherʼs home.

According to Famous Birthdays In 2016 Mark had his first breakthrough when he posted an image on Instagram flexing his arms while balancing a supplement drink from Bpi-sports nutrition company. He was later sponsored by the Florida based nutrition company where he gained media attention, which led to him being signed by Wilhelmina models. Mark has also landed supporting roles in films such as Bushwick 2017 and Armed 2018.

What is Mark focusing on now?

Mark’s main focus is to keep promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others who are also on the same road as him. He has recently been earning movie roles to gain more experience in the filming industry.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markdabeast1/

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