Gift Card Project Suggests 3 Steps to Help the Homeless

Today Gift Card Project founder Ryan Bilodeau is calling on people to do three things in their communities to help the homeless:


Conserve restaurant gift cards and carry them with you at all times.


Be on the lookout for people in your community who are homeless and see them as individuals who you can help.


Serve in the form of a conversation, a potential friendship, and the very practical assistance of a gift card for food and drink.

About The Gift Card Project

The Gift Card Project is an idea, movement and national effort meant to encourage others to bring together the homeless and those who help them. The Gift Card Project goes like this: Each day carry with you $5 gift cards to fast-food restaurants and be on the lookout for the homeless. The challenge of The Gift Card Project is to have a genuine conversation with the person you are helping. The Gift Card Project helps the homeless in a practical way while also reminding them of their own dignity, which is not depleted because of their current state. Pivoting out of poverty first requires a person to believe in that dignity. That is the real goal of The Gift Card Project.