Jonquall Carrothers highlights the reasons he thinks has helped him succeed as a young American football talent.

“Success doesn’t come to you; you have to go out and get it” is something Jonquall Carrothers always believed in.

People speak a lot about how others can go about in their chosen careers and gain more success with adopting various techniques and methods. However, people are most positively influenced by the real success stories they hear and see around them, the stories that speak of courageousness, purpose and passion. Jonquall Carrothers’ story is one such that has become an influential example for many in the world, especially in the US, who wish to replicate success like him in their football career, such comprehensive are his achievements, being a 24-year-old from Memphis, TN, the US.

The NCCAA Scholar-Athlete, Mid-South Conference Tackle Leader and a top linebacker achieved it all by himself, believing in his dreams and having faith in his hard work. Below, Jonquall Carrother’s highlights what he believes made him succeed in his career.

  • Having a burning desire: Many people play for fun, but Jonquall Carrothers always had the burning desire to become a professional player. His achievements are proof enough of the passion he showed and the incessant efforts he put into turning into a star player.
  • Robust training: From starting his career at the Middle Tennessee State University to transferring to Cumberland University as a DB, due to some coaching changes and learning many new things on the field as a player, putting in rigorous hours of training, helped him get transitioned into a top linebacker in the Mid- South conference racking up 119 tackles.
  • Staying motivated: As an athlete, the sport can test one’s patience and limits. Amidst this, it is important to stay motivated and positive, even during times a player’s form may not be the best. Jonquall Carrothers focused on staying always motivated by constant practice and learning, which helped him achieve a long list of accolades he has to his name today.

After graduating, Jonquall Carrothers transferred to Campbellsville University as a Grad Transfer Linebacker, and within a year at the university, he kept enthralling people with his achievements, which included getting into the First Team NCCAA All American, First Team All Mid-South Conference, earning the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame All Commonwealth Team Selection, Academic All Mid-South Conference, apart from ranking 9th in Tackles Nationally (All Positions) and 3rd in tackles nationally as a linebacker.

He has truly become an inspiring success story for many up and coming football talents across America. Find out more through Instagram @jonquall.