What to expect in a Life Coaching session with Sarah May Low – Malaysia’s No.1 Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer

When Sarah first started gaining a lot of publicity for her talent, she was cyber-bullied and bad mouth by some spiritual practitioners in her field. The most ironic part is that they “claim” to inspire and empower but bully someone 15-20 years younger. They used intimidation tactics such as saying that Sarah is “only popular because she’s beautiful” and a “fake” when people complimented her excellent attitude. She choose to look at the bright side and thanked her haters for thinking that she’s beautiful “I have a degree in Public Relations and in PR, all publicity is good publicity.” She smiles. She has the last laugh considering she’s now No.1 in Malaysia due to her hard work, focus, and grit.

The majority of clients who visit with Sarah will get a psycho-astrological profile, which will look at the timing of events in their life. She will offer a predicted reading, which uses astrological data.

Birth dates and times would have to be supplied down to the last minute. Your time of birth provides a snapshot of the locations of the planets (such as Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Mars) because the planets never stop moving.

After this, a specific software application is used to produce a birth chart. When it comes to astrology, the planets are assigned distinct astrological meanings, and that has an impact on your daily life.

Sarah is also well known for being able to read all types of charts correctly. During consultations, her greatest pleasure is the “aha” moments where clients discover what needs to be done to address an issue in their life and propel them toward a new and better future.

For Sarah, it’s all about the person gaining self-awareness. This equals “strength,” she tells us, “Once you become conscious, you may adopt specific techniques to alter your habits, then you’ll be able to adjust your daily life as you like.”

One of the critical things when it comes to her consultations is validation. Sarah encourages aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs to use their judgment in all aspects of their business, “they simply need to see the conviction in the chart.” There’s a shift into the Age of Aquarius when it comes to energies, where social and technological impacts are more prominent in the current era. Sarah explained. “What is most important now is for people to change their mindsets. What the pandemic taught us is that anything is possible.”

According to Sarah, it will be a difficult wake-up call, especially for individuals who continue to concentrate all their energy on certain items the way they have done previously. There is no such thing as job security anymore, and olden ideals of success such as having “stable” corporate jobs are not accepted by generation Z anymore. Also, she highlights “what is deemed successful” is “not necessarily going to be profitable,” but there will be a big emphasis on “the type of societal effect it will have.”

How to reach her

Her studio office is located in Puchong Jaya, Selangor State, in Malaysia. International clients can visit her websites:

For Astrology and Tarot Reading bookings: https://sarahmaylow.com/services/

To enrol for her Diploma in Tarot Divination course: https://sarahmaylowuniversity.thinkific.com

They can also follow her through Facebook and Instagram: @sarahmaylow