Investment in houses and estate, Words from Ghafoor Ghatali, a famous Iranian expert and entrepreneur

Estate is not a thing to import 

Of course, the most important advantage amongst other methods of investment is that estate cannot be imported from outside of the country. All people should reach the interior lands of the country to buy an estate, so there is no competitive side from imports in this area.

1- estates always keep their value

Let’s suppose at the time of the revolution, you had bought a piece of land and a large number of dollars. Now compare. Was investing in the land a better choice rather than dollars? Unfortunately, the price of dollars and gold have always been alternating and during past years we have witnessed the loss of wealth from our countrymen who have spent all their money buying dollars. So, buying estate has the minimum risk. At least, if the market of the estate is ruined, you can keep the property to yourself. 

2- You can easily learn the skill and knowledge in estates

To enter the stocks market, you need to be a professional in the subject, because otherwise, you can lose your assets in a very short period. You need to know that in which area you should have your investment, and you’re only one mistake away from losing your assets. But this is not true about estates. You can consult a good and experienced real estate broker to offer a nice estate with a bright future and do the purchase. Even at the time of sale, construction, etc., you can consult the experts to gain the ideal results. 

A short biography of Ghafoor Ghatali

Seyed AbdolGhafoor Ghatali, known as Ghafoor Ghatali, Iranian entrepreneur who owns the brand and is the owner of the Elaxiom Real Estate Broker in Dubai. 

The complex with the administration of Ghafoor Ghatali is one of the registered companies in Emirates and the first years of the establishment had extraordinary progress.