Google Doodle Celebrates Taiwanese Lantern Festival 2021

Happy Lantern Festival, Taiwan!

The present Doodle honors the annual Taiwanese festival, known as the Lantern Festival, one of the country’s most treasured occasions that falls on the primary full moon of the Lunar New Year.

Across Taiwan, Lantern Festival festivities incorporate large number of sparkling paper lamps, each engraved with wants for the year to come. As indicated by the legend, mountain ranchers in antiquated Taiwan delivered skim lamps into the sky as an approach to console their relatives that they were free from any danger.

These days, the lights delivered into the sky across Taiwan are painted including pandas to felines, and each have their own significance, like extraordinary fortune or karma in a relationship.

Made official in 1990 by the Taiwanese government, the Lantern Festival started as a plan to respect the nearby old stories that is woven into the country’s history. The first iteration of the celebration was just held in Taipei, yet it has since filled in prevalence and is presently celebrated with enlightening craftsmanship establishments across the island country—and around the world!