Jennifer Lopez Swaps Her Signature High-Glam Beauty for a Bare-Faced Look—and Wins

When it comes to beauty, Jennifer Lopez is the queen of high glamour: notwithstanding pretty much having the best high-ponytail amusement in Hollywood, she never neglects to have fun with her announcement cosmetics looks, regardless of whether it be a barbie-pink palette on the red carpet, or her mark bronzy, lit-from-within glow. Be that as it may, this being 2019, it’s additionally a period for change—and it shows up the singer-slash-actress is switching things up with a drastically more pared-back stylish in the new year.

Posting a bare-faced on Friday evening, JLo permitted her flaw-free skin to breathe, subtitling the picture, “#nofilterFriday #nomakeupday.” While it’s a dramatic change from her typical done-up Instas, don’t imagine it any other way: her faultless—and some way or another superbly dewy and hydrated—appearance is undoubtedly still worth a million twofold taps. She further played up the all-regular vibe by tying her hair up into a twisted topknot, with a couple of child hairs surrounding her face.

Considering Lopez is the second celebrity to grasp the cosmetics free development this week—Kesha enabled her freckles to shine through—it’s safe to say that 2019 is tied in with giving the skin some much-deserved days off. All things considered, self-care is another year’s goals that ought to be best of mind for every one of us; JLo is simply doing it in a particularly superhuman way.


Desert X Is Bringing Contemporary Art Back to the Coachella Valley Next Month

The California desert has for some time been a source of inspiration for artists seeking to make vast large-scale works that exist outside the regular exhibition typical gallery space. Desert X praises that convention by bringing contemporary artists from around the globe out to the Coachella Valley to make pop-up installations and site-specific pieces. The art festival returns for a keep running from February 9 to April 21.

While the rundown of artists and events that will make up this year’s festival have not yet been announced, those subtleties are relied upon to be discharged soon. The 2017 festival included 16 pieces, including contributions from artists Jennifer Bolande, Will Boone, and Glenn Kaino.

A standout amongst the most popular installations was artist Doug Aitken’s Mirage. The mirror-clad house reflected the surrounding mountains, nearly disappearing into the landscape. The building’s design referenced design styles of the locale while the unending reflections brought up questions concerning the connection between built and natural environments and the expansion of human development. It was also a really popular selfie spot.

Visiting Desert X is free and independently guided, with maps of the works of art accessible at various areas and on the web. Guided visits ($125) will likewise be offered in conjunction with Modernism Week in Palm Springs, February 14 to 24.

While the Desert X dates cover with the Coachella music festival weekends– and halting by the installations makes for a great road trip diversion for festival- goers– it’sa totally separate entity. Also,The undercurrent of all the art presented at Desert X is raising awareness of environmental and political issues and engaging visitors with the natural world.


These coffee cups are made out of sand, and they’ll set you back over $175

With cold winter days approaching (or already here in a few zones) you’ll probably finding yourself reaching for a nice warm mug of coffee sooner or later. You have numerous options when it comes to drinking receptacles, yet structure studio The Foundry by Tinkah thinks it’s come up with a coffee cup that won’t just hold your drink yet additionally make you think about the bigger picture.

Made out of a sand-based material the organization calls “Ramel,” the cup is named basically Ramel C01, and it’s being sold in packs of four at a somewhat steep cost.

The cups have an interesting design that does away with a traditional handle for a triangular grasping region that additionally gives it stability when set on a flat surface. They’re simple and modern, if a bit on the little side, however their cost is anything but modest. A four-pack of the cups will set you back a whopping $176.99.

By making the cups out of sand the organization can exploit its cnatural insulating properties. Sand has extraordinary thermal characteristics that make it a perfect fit for a cup holding hot beverages. Regardless of whether that, along with the quirky design and the organization’s highbrow description is sufficient to offset a colossal price tag is obviously up to you.

In case you’re sold on what The Foundry is trying to accomplish here you can as of now pre-order your very own set of the cups via the organization’s site.


New Year’s resolution planning to achieve lifestyle goals

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Both exercise and more beneficial eating appear to be the best on New Year’s resolution lists for most people but staying on target is in sometimes hard for individuals, individuals involved in fitness training and health said.

10 Fitness in Jonesboro shares a few hints on the best way to remain focused on those lifestyle changes.

The personal training manager at 10 Fitness in Jonesboro, Dylan Vangilder, said practice is progressively reasonable if individuals take it a little slower and paced out.

“Maybe dropping one or two bad habits at a time,” Vangilder said. “Dedicating maybe 30 minutes a day instead of an hour to the gym.”

Vangilder said that working out with a buddy or hiring a personal trainer will likewise help keep up those fitness goals.

As for healthy eating options, Twisted Foods in Jonesboro is a restaurant and meal prep organization that prepares for any diet with a variety of food options to choose from.

Owner of Twisted Foods Rose Hankins said that they attempt to instruct individuals to make healthy eating their lifestyle and not only an objective they require.

The most popular meal plans Twisted Foods offers are three-day meal plans, five-day meal plans and seven-day meal plans which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Meal prep is the way we do it and it’s already cooked for you,” Hankins said. “So, it takes out the grocery shopping.”

Twisted Foods in Jonesboro has more than 100 different foods to choose from and a variety of ways to combine the foods, Hankins said.

To begin, you fill out an application, set a counsel to discuss your own objectives and dietary requirements. Next includes preparation, followed by food pick-up or delivery, then you eat your food.

There is no enrollment fee with an eight-week commitment at Twisted Foods.

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U.S. Fashion designer Nikki Lund and friend Sean Borg catch up in Downtown Palm Springs

What a year it’s been for Nikki Lund! The Kardashian “bestie” has been embracing the joys of motherhood and juggling a full-time career making records and creating a new collection. Where does she find the time?

The fashion designer even had time to visit Palm Springs this Christmas, to catch up with her good friend — the British entertainment personality, Sean Borg, who appeared on the hit FOX TV news show — TMZ in America.

Nikki Lund and Sean Borg in Palm Springs for the festive season.
Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

And nothing is as festive as catching up with friends for a little fun during the festive season for a bite to eat at popular eatery Lulu California Bistro on South Palm Canyon this week.

The pair have not seen each other in over a year due to their work commitments. They both have had a busy 2018. Sean spent a year in Tampa, Florida, filming infomercials and having meetings with HSN (Home Shopping Network), but is now back living the sun-drenched desert city.

British News Personality Sean Borg leaving HSN Offices in St. Petersburg, Florida

Nikki, known for dressing the A-listers like Blake SheltonMiley Cyrus, and Carrie Underwood released her third pop track, ‘Better Days.’

Nikki Lund on Set of her new music video, ‘Better Days’. Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

Nikki also gave birth to a baby boy— Hendrix, in 2017, so motherhood has been her primary focus.

The musician and fashion-star that grew up with the Kardashians spent most of the year getting her figure back in shape with grueling workouts with her Hollywood trainer.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Nikki Lund and Sean Borg in Palm Springs, California.
Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

The friends chose to dress causal for their cozy lunch date, with California babe, Lund in an all-black skintight figure-hugging two-piece ensemble, with Nike footwear and a pricey Christian Louboutin studded handbag on her arm. 

Nikki and Sean leave Lulu with Sean’s Japanese chin—Eli, heading downtown PS.
Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

Sean opted for a simple look — a navy blue cashmere V-neck, with gray jeans, and black Prada military-boots.

The friends left the restaurant to stroll towards up-town with Sean’s dog Eli by his side, to check out the new shopping area of Palm Springs that has not long opened. Stopping at the Kimpton Rowan for a Christmas cocktail (or two). 

There’s nothing like a good Christmas shop during the most “wonderful time of the year”!


Revolutionizing Digital Media, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, and Transportation.

Personal Early Life:

Born in October of 1981, Philip Odegard was brought up passionate about the mechanics of engineering, building, and launching high-powered model rockets. Philip Odegard scaled his garage-based homebrew rocketry hobby into a thriving media and communications company, acquired after only graduating high school. He then moved to San Francisco where he lived with and was mentored by some of Silicon Valley’s most notable entrepreneurs.


In 2013 Philip was introduced to the then-early-stage ridesharing startup, Uber, and became a prominent initial investor and advisor towards the company. Since Odegard’s Silicon Valley debut, he went on to launch one of the first US-Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle manufacturing companies, AERIAL.

Aerial developed the first Artificial-Intelligent autonomous flight software for navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Odegard’s company, Aerial, gathered ‘dark data, or data that is unstructured such as text and images, and sources it into structured data. The company does so with a ‘human-caliber’ quality and machine caliber scale. Between 70 percent and 80 percent of data is unstructured, dark data.

Aerial, took the gathered unstructured data and turned it into a data that is used for processing and analytics, all employing machine learning and neural networks. The applications of Aerial’s software were developed for both unmanned aerial systems and upscaled manned aerial systems for human transportation. In 2017 Aerial was acquired for $724 million by a United Arab Emirates-based transportation firm with the intent to use the proprietary technologies for human-scale flying UATV’s or Unmanned Aerial Transport Vehicles.

Following hot on the heels of his successful exit with Aerial, Philip founded his next venture, Swiss-based AI Medical Systems. He took his desire for machine learning and automation to the health sector where it could lead to potential life-improving benefits through pattern recognition in diagnostic and imaging tools, like MRIs and CT and PET scans. AI Medical Systems was acquired for $10 billion in 2018. The acquisition includes its proprietary first-to-market artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning that are used in medical diagnostics worldwide.

Since the success of his two Artificial Intelligence startups, Philip has shifted gears back to his early roots in digital media by acquiring Tribune Publications in2019 through his holding company Odegard Group, in a cash transaction that is valued at $3.2 billion. Odegard’s mission is to salvage the once-dominated physical print media into a scalable on-demand digitized and personalized experience. Tribune Publications currently owns and operates over 300+ news and magazine editorial publications globally.

Current Projects:

Going forward, Philip is focused on the various philanthropic grantmaking decisions through his non-profit organization, Odegard Foundation, and plans to address some of the world’s demanding areas of modern research. The Odegard Foundation is comprised of separate private charitable entities, including the Artificial Intelligence Foundation, Environmental Institute, Genetics Foundation, and the Life Longevity Foundation.

Net Worth: $3.7 billion (January 2020)


Banbouk Music voted No1 Dj by Music Magazine in its annual Top 100 DJs readership poll

Dubai March 2018

Results of Music Magazine annual Top 100 DJs readership poll for 2018 are in and the winners have been announced. Under the Smash the House label, electronic music’s most known Banbouk Music, has become the new Dubai No.1 DJ, taking the first place,

Speaking about winning the award for the first time Banbouk said: “Winning this award was incredible, I’ve grown so much here and I’m proud of that and the journey just began, and I will bring a lot more to the industry. Having the fans with me in every step of the way is amazing, so to once again be voted by them as their No.1 DJs means everything to me!” 

Over the last few years the award-winner Banbouk have left an historical mark on the electronic music scene at large, playing a part in the incredible rise of Dubai events, to the omnipresent position in music charts and streaming platforms,

Two more Djs was awarded also ,Dj Pandike in the second place and Jimmy Hype which also got a high amount of votes at the poll