3 of Omar Choudhury’s Top Tips to Building a Successful Entrepreneur

Omar Choudhury, aka OmarConnects, is well known to many of us for his ability to scale company’s past multi 6 to 7 figures in his first year, especially within the internet marketing industry. The 21-year-old money-magnet breaks down 3 of his top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to fast track their business’ success too.

Learn Early

Despite growing up in a low-income household, Omar was always out to make as much of an impact as he could. In his early teens he did everything to raise capital: wash cars, sell sweets in school, he even went a year working in a café for only £3 an hour! No matter the circumstance, Omar believed that having a positive mindset, that focused on learning solid skills rather than worrying about the pay cut is what would separate him in later life. He knew that opportunity was all around him if he lived an abundant life. It only takes a matter of time before it all falls in place. 

Omar mentions that the best skill set to learn is sales, as you sell every single day of your life. Your ability to sell and influence is what will separate you from others and by understanding human psychology, it sets you up for a happier and more successful life.


Maintaining single vision for your business will ensure you do not get distracted from accomplishing your goals. A lot of people think the more they do, the more they will earn, however the phrase “the jack of all trades is the master of none” often explains why many of these people don’t achieve what they want.

Omar stresses the importance of understanding that the grass is not greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it. Most people get distracted by looking at what someone wealthier is doing, rather than realizing that they were sitting on an unsaturated gold mine themselves.

“Shiny object syndrome is an entrepreneur’s worst enemy, so focus on yourself,” Omar tells us.


Loyalty is the most important characteristic for establishing long-term customers and employees. Omar advises his audience to stay ethical and find people who also value people over profits. “It’s crazy the number of teammates and clients I’ve seen go behind my back to try to beat me in my own business. It is funny though because they never really last after the truth comes out. People have always been attracted to me based on my values, something I will never stray away from. Have some respect to your mentors and teammates and never bite the hand that feeds you is my moto” Omar tells us.

While the past year has been a challenging time for most, Omar stayed committed to his goals and has scaled his main business, Grow With Us Agency past multi 7 figures with his partners. With over 1000 happy clients to their name, it’s understandable why many know the team as “The Kings of Branding”.
Omar continues to push for excellence within his businesses and hopes to start reforming the education in the long run.

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