Gloria Vanderbilt, who was Heiress, Artist and Mother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Dies at 95

Fashion designer, actress, heiress, artist and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt has passed on. She was 95.

Recently, doctors found “very advanced cancer” in Vanderbilt’s stomach, her child Anderson Cooper said in a video that broadcast Monday morning on CNN.

Readers can watch Cooper praise his mother via the video, which was presented on Twitter by Cooper’s CNN colleague Brian Stelter.

Vanderbilt, born in 1924, was married four times, and had four kids, including Cooper.

The Vanderbilts were an incredibly amazing and wealthy family. Gloria’s dad, Reginald Vanderbilt, was the beneficiary to the family’s railroad fortune, however he gambled much of that away and died when Gloria was a baby.

At the point when Gloria was elementary-school matured, her Aunt Gertrude sued to pick up custody of her. Toward the finish of the Great Depression-era “Trial of the Century,” the 10-year-old Vanderbilt was taken from her mother and given to her auntie, whom she scarcely knew.

“Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, her mother, was not ready to be a mom — or a widow,” Cooper says in the video eulogy.

Gloria Vanderbilt would first wed at 17. Her fourth husband, Wyatt Cooper, is Anderson’s father.

“What an extraordinary life. What an extraordinary mom. And what an incredible woman,” Cooper concluded his cable news tribute.