One To Keep Your Eyes On – Newcomer Poldi

The German rapper, born as Leopold Karrer, has launched his new conscious rap at a pivotal moment. Asking the right questions at the right time, he is building his own movement.

The 20-year old just recently released his first song ‘Liebe > Hass’ (Love is bigger than hate) on all streaming platforms and made very clear that his music addresses the real issues and struggles of his generation. A harsh contrast to a currently stagnating music scene, that has lost itself in ‘faking it until we’re making it’, offering little but materialistic show-boating in 2020. Ironic, that it’s a 20-year-old that steps up to the mic asking the
important questions. The thought of unity, peace, and morals over individual interests and economical profit, are skillfully broken down in the first couple of bars of the single, that doesn’t try to be old school or nostalgic in any way. Contrary, the young artist refuses to hold on to traditions, and question previous generation’s efforts and participation in positive change.

Facing the generation of his parents, he rightfully asks, “why do we, the youngest, have to take care of the aftermath of your past irresponsibilities?” It’s urgent topics and statements like these that truly connect Poldi to an audience, which is very likely to go beyond his generation.
Building the bridge from the current situation of the music industry to society, he questions what values are actually left? The promotion of superficial validation and beauty on social media is more than a threat, but much rather has already left strong marks on humanity.

Too deep for you? Well, there’s no apologies from our side, because we’re into it. Art has always been the platform to ask questions, to dig deeeper, to provoke emotions, thoughts and change.

Poldi grew up with old school rap, but much rather than the sound of it, the unwritten rules and values stuck with him. The 20-year old who is currently signed with 99 Problemz Music, remembers his idols to always keep things real. If they talked about being street, it was because they were. And they would address the issues they were confronted with in their everyday lives. Whether those were personal, situational, or structural, there was always a lot to talk about. Today’s artist much rather follow up on the idea of creating an image, lacking authenticity. The development, that has come through the commercialization of art, has led to creative outlet become a service, artists becoming brands and audiences becoming the
Poldi, who was born as Leopold Karrer, is now aiming to disrupt this pattern. When talking about his work, he is emphasizes that any other path wouldn’t feel right for him.

“It’s not about showing off. I want people to feel as if we’re on the same level and have similar issues. There wouldn’t be a point in talking about a lifestyle I don’t care about. I want people to know that I actually care about my listeners and the subjects I speak upon. This provides a special connection between the listener and the artist, which bragging about my wealth just won’t cut.”.

Business Lifestyle

Simon Alex Is The Perfect Example Of A Successful Artist-Businessman

After spending his teenage years amongst the top of the EDM industry as an
artist himself, the prodigy shifted more and more into producing and
management. With equal levels of success.

Simon Alex was 15 years old, and working with the industry’s absolute elite. Top artists such as Tiësto, Hardwell, Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix would support the rising act and SWM’s Steve Angello took Simon Alex under his wing at the time. helping the teenager emerge to the top level of the scene, Simon Alex skyrocketed to be one of the EDM scene’s most demanded newcomers.

Then he made the massive decision, to shift his focus on playing a different part within the industry. The producer structured his label Fly AVTR while still releasing his own work, but already had a bigger vision for the multi-service business.

He started working behind the scenes, helping touring top DJs produce and finish their own records. During this process, he gradually shifted to a rather pop-oriented production, highly benefitting from his production skills as an EDM producer. A genre, that has widened its influence into other genres such as pop and hip-hop simultaneously with Simon Alex development.

Expanding His Involvement In The Scene

The early peaks of his career all came before Simon Alex had finished high school. And following a one year stint at New York University’s prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded music, the youngster already felt more than experienced enough to take things to the next level.

His first big step? The management of the at the time 12-year-old rapper Bouba Savage. The young artist who had recently moved to the states from Guinea proved to be a teenage sensation destined to go viral with his song ‘Buss It Down’. Simon Alex’ responsibilities for the wonder kid went beyond the music management, and lead to his artist’s collaborations with major brands such as Nike, Helmut Lang, Footlocker,
and others.
Fly AVTR’s roster of artists would grow to an impressive portfolio in very short time. Although the name of the label had been used by the artist before, the business was officially launched earlier this year. His list of clients is currently growing, with prominent names such as the Universal Music Group, Lil Tecca, Columbia Records, Brockhampton, SOPHIE, Fivio Foreign, Republic Records, Kenny Beats, as well as the late superstars Juice WRLD & Pop Smoke amongst many other success stories
associated with Fly AVTR.

Massive acts, and surely not the last to benefit from the strategic and creative work of Simon Alex.


Kane’s acting career

At the start of his acting career, he was often cast as a native of his homeland. In the new animated movie, he plays the role of Afghan Kiln owner. A novel is also produced by Kane named “The Breadwinner” that is directed by Nora Twomey and produced by Angelina Jolie; it will be released in these summers.

Kane’s role in the movie

In his animated movie, he played an Afghan family man who starts the illegal activities after desperation. Kane is doing hard work preparing himself for this role. He also uses art to immerse himself in the stories. Whenever he starts his new film, he summarizes each scene by drawing its picture on a sticky note and then places them in order.

Kane’s Awards

In the last two years, Kane has been nominated for the best actor at Vancouver web Fest and the best leading male in an action series at Rio Web fast. But his most significant award is from Canada’s most respected institution among actors; the academy of Canadian and Television nominated him for best performance by a male in a Digital media web series for his role in “Petrol.” He also gets the award in “The patriot,” an Amazon original series in the recurring role of Markham Candahar. Its first ten episodes are released on Amazon prime video this February.

  There are a lot of difficulties that Kane faced at the start of his career. He was rejected in many auditions, but he never feels bad for those who were selected instead of him. He says:

“I’m just happy that he’ll get the job and help his family.”

Kane says that he had recorded the scenes that he doesn’t want to do many times, like love scenes.

More than acting

It was good luck for Kane that he succeeded in overcoming his stress. He says:

Life is too important to be upset over little things.”

He starts writing and filming his production.

Recently he finished a five-minute film, with the theme of Canada’s 150th birthday, for the ACTRA Toronto 24-hour film challenge. His film won. Recently he is creating a one-person play about the war in Afghanistan.

When Kane looks at the sky with his telescope, he says that:

“We think we are the center of the universe, but compared to what’s in the vast space, our planet is just a speck of dust.”

  When someone meets Kane, he realizes that Kane has a straightforward personality. He doesn’t like fancy cars and jewellery, but everyone gives him colossal respect and honour everywhere he goes. That’s all Kane earned from his continued hard work. And that is something that you hear in music that he released thus for. “Papi Colito,” “Soowoop,” and the Ode to the fallen legend, “soulja slim,” are a few of the gems that the boss emcee dropped when he came into the game. Kane has prepared a statement in his music that will tell you the real side of the struggle, and he wants you to consume the whole message before you make a judgment.

Kane’s advice for newcomers

His advice for the new comer’s actors or otherwise is –capture the motto he lives by:

“Don’t just dream. Predict your future, then go and get it.

Here is Kane’s Instagram link to follow him:


Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken, aka YB Stainz, is emerging as the most unique rapper and music artist across Canada

YB Stainz exudes strong passion and grit to reach the top of the music game and make a name for himself in the industry.

It is not strange anymore to know about young individuals who have broken the glass ceiling and have emerged as talented professionals across industries. Most of these youngsters work with only one aim in mind and that is to create something of their own. Perhaps, this is the reason they always work towards becoming their own boss. The world of music has seen many such talented youngsters who on the basis of their craft and passion desire to make it huge in the music game. One such young talent we came across is Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken, aka YB Stainz.

If anything that ever attracted YB Stainz all his life, then it was the world of music. Music is something which gave wings to this youngster and made him more confident about his innate skills in the same. Since the beginning, YB Stainz had understood what he desired in life and hence began working very hard for the same. He hails from East Toronto in Scarborough from the Malvern community and later moved out to the Greater Toronto Area, also known as the GTA in York Region.

Rap and Dancehall music was where YB Stainz saw his heart hooked onto and thus, focused all his energies in making unique pieces for his passion and for serving something different to the audiences. The story of YB Stainz getting into the music field also stands interesting. It was in the year 2015 that a significant dream got the youngster up while on house arrest. He felt the dream was so real that somewhere it was like a sign of God who wanted him to start making music and grow as a musical talent in the world.

Recalling that interesting dream, YB Stainz, says that it was so real that he could see his future through the same very clearly. He saw he was making a music video, singing his song and the beat and lyrics were so profound and touching that the pressure of the song woke him up. He realized that it was the supreme power letting him know that he must get out of troubles and utilize the innate skills in music he had in the right direction. Still, YB Stainz kept getting locked up, but it was God all through his journey that helped him figure out himself.

He took his skills seriously and kept putting efforts to learn more things in music and hone his skills in the same. Today, YB Stainz is an emerging Canadian x Jamaican music artist who has bowled over audiences and listeners with his rap, dancehall, singing and songwriting.

YB Stainz has turned into a young recording artist, who is yet to tour the world, but the one who is confident that his talents would allow him to travel the world as well soon with many of his concerts and shows. All his songs have a meaning behind them and yet listeners find it in trend and more relevant with the current times, such is the prowess of YB Stainz as a young music artist.

To know more about this musical talent, visit his website, or follow him on Instagram @yb.stainz.



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Groomit Announces Expansion Of In-Home Pet Grooming Services To Miami And Philadelphia

{Miami, FL} – Groomit is announcing the expansion of their in-home pet grooming services to Miami and Philadelphia. The service features highly skilled and certified pet stylists who come to you to provide safe, convenient, same-day in-home pet grooming.

Groomit launched in 2017 in New York City and surrounding areas. COO Lars Rissmann says, “This is the Uber of pet grooming, an app people can use to select an appointment, grooming package, and make secure payment.”

Rissmann adds that Groomit is expanding into more cities at exactly the right time because the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shifted much of Corporate America from offices to homes, and Groomit is a safer, more sanitary solution that requires minimal contact with other people.

Groomit has already garnered press coverage in Forbes and The New York Times, and the company has won rave reviews, primarily because it offers an altogether different experience for the pet and the human. “When you go to a salon you need to schedule that days in advance,” Rissmann says, “You drop off the dog. Three or four people are involved. They put the dog in a cage dryer, which can cause the animal anxiety. But with Groomit you can see the entire process right there in front of you.”

The groomers who provide the service are evaluated by a master groomer before they begin work. Groomit typically hires people who have at least two years of experience, and they’re always interested in new applicants. For the first 10 appointments, Groomit follows up with the customers personally to solicit their feedback about the experience, asking questions about the grooming, communication with their groomer, and their groomer’s adherence to COVID guidelines. Groomit also offers liability insurance for the pet and the property where the service takes place.

Media Contact: Lars Rissmann, COO
Company: Groomit
Web Site:
Email: [email protected]

Lars Rissmann, COO Groomit [email protected]


Michael Aboujaoude Could Be The Next Jeff Bezos?

Michael Angelo Aboujaoude Is An American YouTuber And Entrepreneur he was born (December 25, 2002) In Los Angeles, California at San Gabriel hospital. Throughout High School when he was a junior he found a way to make a full time income online!

He said “I always knew there had to be an easy way to just sit at home and let the income roll in so, I started Affiliate Marketing and was only able to generate about $1,000 a day But then I started My E-Commerce Store and Agency and was very successful. I made over 1.8 Million Dollars In just a short period of time. I figured out shortly that my goal was to help others succeed online such as I did, so I created an E-Commerce course that can be found on Clickbank know as Ultimate E-Commerce Course! My goal is to help as many people as possible to be successful online.”

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One of the Most Searched and Trustable Digital Creator Hitesh Viratian

Here we are talking about one of the the most popular and searched digital creator Hitesh Rathod as known as Hitesh Viratian, he has 3 years of experience in digital media marketing and networking.

He is content creator who contributes information to any media, especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts.

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Erik Roberto: Award Winner & Scalp Pigmentation Expert

The story of Erik Roberto, who thought winning multiple awards and establishing himself as Manhattan’s top hairdresser wasn’t enough. And went beyond.

It was 17 years ago when Erik Roberto left his home country for the city of New York. And it was in New York where he set up his barbershop, a barbershop that is said to be one of the best, no less! His talents certainly have not gone unrecognized, he has won first place in several barber competitions including the prestigious CT Barber Expo challenge.

But it is not just awarded that showcase Erik’s talents. He also holds to his name the title of being the first barber in the world to venture into Scalp Micropigmentation. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a process that recreates the hair follicle in areas where hair either doesn’t grow very much or doesn’t grow at all. Some people use this method as baldness treatment, others to treat alopecia or scars. As Erik says: ‘It is a great pleasure to be able to please our clients,
meet their needs and at the same time suggest what works best for them. That has been our success in the American public, knowing how to handle all types of scalp.’

The achievements don’t stop there either, as Erik also co-founded Gerow Hair Ink, somewhere that can be found in Manhattan NY. If you were to visit, don’t be surprised if you saw someone familiar, as plenty of famous names have commissioned his acclaimed hair transformations along with thousands of other satisfied members of the public. This business is recognised in countries such as Brazil, United Kingdom, Poland and the United States for its high- quality standard of hair treatments.

Erik is a native of the city of San Pedro De Macoris in the Dominican Republic and has showcased a lot of hard work and determination throughout his career. He has even gone on to be the winner of the Hair Battle Tour in Boston and the Barber Shop Connect in New York. These two popular competitions create a lot of buzz within the industry and
it is no small feat to be a winner. It is true to say that the hairdressing industry is a competitive one, with no shortage of amazing talent being added to the pool every year, but Erik easily stands out from the crowd with his skill set and achievements.

If you would like to find out more about Erik Roberto and also the SMP procedure, as well as perhaps the clinic itself, you might like to visit Erik’s Instagram page where he makes regular updates. The future should be exciting for the SMP industry and Erik too, and it will be very interesting to see where they go from here.
Instagram @erikroberto


Rachid EI Khabbachi a true inspiration for the upcoming generations

Not everyone is born high every one somehow in their lives sooner or later have to work hard to be successful in life in our everyday life while scrolling Facebook and Twitter. We see a lot of triumphant people in business, ha we admire them a lot. We think that we might ha some sort of living that they have, but no one knows the behind story of it how these people worked hard in their lives to achieve whatever they have today. Everyone in his life wants to be rich successful. But few people chase their dreamsand work hard for the same is the life story of a very famous successful, wealthy businessman Rachid EI Khabbachi; he is also known as Jamal. His life journey is a true inspiration for many upcoming youngsters to improve their living. He started his life career from somebody who had nothing to a successful businessman.


Rachid was born in Mauritania; this a small own in Africa since all his childhood, he saw poverty hunger, and this situation was always so difficult for him that’s why he ever thought to become a successful businessman so that he can change his way of living as well as the life of his family so that he can help them in improving their living standards. And now all his dreams came true in life due to his hard work and efforts that he made; he started his life journey as a street fighter, according to him, and there was a time in his life that he used to beg for food. And now he is running his own companies.

Success story:

Rachid started from a small business of selling and buying products. Today the very celebrities are all his friends like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Coner McGregor, KendallJenner, Benzema they are all very good friends of him and these celebrities invited him to different countries like Miami and Dubaiand Rachid also invited them to Germany and France they are all very good friends on social media as well as the president of the state also asked him to meet in acknowledgment of his really hard work for the charity purposes that he did for organizations for the welfare of poor and needy people Netflix is also considering in a making a documentary on his life story.