Abeer Fahim, Author Of ‘Her Seven Days In Bali,’Builds On Her Social Media Presence

Abeer Fahim has expressed her love for literature and the world of academia since she was eight years old. She believes that empathy is the key to connect literary fiction with life and understands the natural occurrences experienced by people.

To share her understanding of literature and inspire other women in a similar field, Fahim believed that social media would help immensely. Moreover, she wanted to partake in discussions surrounding a woman’s role in literature and get to know their stories.

In 2015, Fahim started a Facebook page known as ‘Juliet Turns the Pages.’ She usually shares quotes from the classic literature and also includes her views on it. Fahim explains how these quotes can help enhance our everyday experiences.

According to Fahim, these quotes aren’t just mere writings or alphabets clipped together. They are there to mean something to us and the life we live. Not only this, Fahim uploads videos as well where she picks a specific quote and explains how one can use it to chart the paths of life.

On her website, aside from sharing quotes, Fahim delves into the narrative and the way it connects to our very own lives and those surrounding us. She talks about using literary devices and techniques such as point of view, characterization, figures of speech, and many more, which we can use to gain more insights into our true selves and the stories we write.

One of her quotes goes as follows:

She felt lost, so she took a walk without a purpose.

She felt uncertain, so she embraced the unknown.

It took time, but life had finally taught her—

to find herself, she had to let it go.

The theme of ‘turning the pages’ about her online website has been an essential part of Fahim’s works. She believes that the act of reading and writing, even if it is from classic literature, can help us move forward in life.

Abeer Fahim’s celebrated novel, ‘Her Seven Days in Bali,’ was unique to the author. Aside from being her first book, Fahim also shared it with her followers as she wrote it. She was amazed when her fellow subscribers and readers would help with the feedback when she sent them a chapter.

The author shared quotes from her book and talked about the novel’s theme, ‘letting go,’ with her followers.

With the help of the feedback she received, Fahim completed her book. But before she could even publish it on Amazon, her novel was already discussed by many other people. They had read the quotes and shared them with others on Facebook.

Fahim even started to see her quotes pop up on the people’s profiles that she knew personally. But one of the most incredible events for her was when women’s organizations were sharing her writing on International Women’s Day. The author regularly sees people sharing her quotes and poems on various platforms.

On Instagram, Abeer Fahim shares her writing and interacts with her followers by doing live videos. Fahim’s followers regularly comment and share her quotes and poetry. The author has recently started penning down personalized poetry, quotes, and letters to her followers. Not only has this become a popular part of Fahim’s work, but it has also resulted in a loving community on her Instagram page.

Through social media, Fahim has established a beautiful and intimate connection with her readers. While one can share literature in different ways, Fahim uses social media creatively. She brings together people who live in other parts of the world and bond beautifully over similar interests.

Abeer Fahim rightly cherishes all those who follow her work on the little online space she has created. Today she has over 147,000 followers on her website, ‘Juliet turns the pages,’ and her Instagram page has more than 32,000 followers.

Head over to Abeer Fahim’s online pages if you would like to get a sneak peek of her future book projects, ‘Stars in the Wrong Sky’ and ‘The Glass will Always be Half Empty.’