Siteline App – Review and Analysis

I signed up for the free trial of Siteline App from Fulcrum Technologies, seeking an easy to use but powerful asset tracking solution. 

Siteline has awesome mobile technologies that can be used with barcode scanners, Apple and Android phones, and tablets.  Somehow they have figured out how to get the data and information.  And I mean ALL the data and information.  This data can be harvested from any digital source, whether it is mobility, contractor I/O, audits, orders and fulfillment, network e-polling, or any connected enterprise system (ERP, OSS, BSS, WMS, 3PL, BI, Reporting, etc.) This they have perfected, I already knew this about them. 

That said, I wanted to dig in past their mobility, however, and get into data reconciliation.  So when you get the data, what do you do with it?  That’s the question I wanted to answer. 


Reconciled data can be used for operational, regulatory, or compliance improvements.  This is made possible by comparing ALL possible sources of information and validating discoverable field, warehouse, and distributed asset data. Get the data, make sure it’s perfect data, and then USE your dang data.  SO many solutions fall short of those last two items.

I utilized Fulcrum’s free trial and gladly accepted their wisdom and help when going through the steps.  I got mobility up and running (and collecting) … and then added a fake database of assets to work with and reconcile.  And reconcile they did.  Siteline is like some crazy churning engine of awesomeness that spits out actionable data left and right.  Spits it out any dang place, from reporting to dashboards to connected enterprise systems.

Overall, Siteline is an “A” to “A+”, as rated by our evaluations.  Here are the granular grades for Siteline, 2021 Evaluation:

  • Mobile / mobility – A+
  • Configuration (as an Admin) – A+
  • Create/Manage Organizations – A
  • Add/Update Users – A
  • Manage Security/Access A
  • Add/Update Locations A
  • Stock Inventory– A-
  • Update/Transfer Inventory– A
  • Split Inventory– A-
  • Import – Initial Load/New Data– A
  • View Locations in a Map View– A+
  • Export purified data – A
  • Collects data in “Batch Mode” (Josh has as many as 5% of his field staff working offline at any given point)- A-
  • Working in all browser types on computers and phones – A+
  • Multi-Language Support – B- (French, Spanish, English only for now).

If you would like to test the Siteline asset tracking yourself, you can visit the fine folks at Fulcrum at