Ahmad Rubani Will Leave You Pondering Over His Songs.

A lot of people are capable of singing good but how many of them can actually bring out the true essence of the lyrics? It is said that the hungry sings from the stomach, the greedy things from a piece of paper and the talented sings from the heart. From among these three, Ahmad Rubani definitely is the talented. 

Ahmad Rubaniis a growing artist who has gone through a lot in his life to reach this place.We know specific artists who are known for a particular genre of music. Some like pop music, some like rock, and some like to head-bang to metal early in the morning to wake themselves up. However, if you are looking for some songs that you can relate to at a deeper level, then you are exactly at the right place! Rubani will sweet you off your feet with his outstanding voice. Sometimes his fans find it hard to believe that it is indeed him and not a software. Since he has performed a lot of shows in front of huge number of people, people have complete faith in him as a person and his voice.

Ahmad Rubani’s beautiful voice is not the only reason why he is popular. Some other factors like his positive attitude towards life and his inclination to do better in his music career are also responsible. People not only listen to his songs, but also look up to him because he is a perfect role model. Growing up, he loved to sing and to write heart touching lyrics. Although it was difficult to find inspiration at first, as he grew up his passion grew too and now it came to him naturally. Efforts are made to perfect his already existing talents and enhance his skill.The latest release on his official YouTube channel ‘Nazar’ has more than a million views right now, fans are flooding his social media accounts with immense support for this work. What they don’t know is that the song was created at a very short span of time, yet it turned out fantastic.

“I think you need to explore the genre in which you are comfortable in, and then aim for the best. Without a particular plan, you will not be able to achieve anything. I wanted to be an artist who travels the world performing for people. I’ve been to Holland, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia but there’s more coming up! Never stop dreaming and never stop believing in yourself. It might seem very difficult at first but don’t stop, keep going and soon you will realise how better things have got” advises Ahmad Rubani to young growing artists.