Independent Rap Artist Nomad AKA Mr. Murk City Releases New Album “Trap Bible”

Nomad Mr. Murk City, a Washington D.C. based rapper, recently released his first full-length album entitled “Trap Bible.” The album, whose title is an acronym for “Take Risks And Prosper, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth,” features ten new tracks from Nomad and is available to buy or stream on all major music platforms now.

“Trap Bible’,” released last August in the height of the pandemic, is the most ambitious project from Mr. Murk City yet. The album, which features other rappers from Nomad’s home state of South Carolina, was mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer David Knocks, and has been described by reviewers as “visceral” and “anything but ordinary.”

Nomad’s status as an independent artist with no ties to any record label also emphasizes and shapes his real and raw sound. All of this, on top of an album that is full of fantastic collaborations at every step, makes “Trap Bible” a can’t miss record for anyone looking for the next independent street masterpiece.

Nomad has been around the music industry for a long time, though it took him a while to begin making and releasing his own songs. As he recently said in an interview with Street Wave Media: “I didn’t jump straight into the music business out the gate. I started out in the music business behind the scenes…and one day it hit me that I can do this myself.”

Nomad is originally from Sumter, South Carolina, a dangerous city in one of America’s most dangerous states. However, growing up in Sumter, which is also known as Murk City, forced the young artist to adapt and change to his environment, and it was this experience that led Nomad to incorporate his hometown’s nickname into his performing moniker. His experiences in Sumter shape his music, and his lyricim and style bring a gritty, hungry energy to the game that is hard to find anywhere else.

“I speak with conviction and passion because I take my career seriously,” he said in a recent interview. “I just don’t sound like anyone else.”

Keep Pushin” and “Make it Home (feat. Moviee215)” are the two singles off of “Trap Bible,” and these two tracks alone are proof enough of Nomad’s unique, independent style. Complete with raw, biting lyrics and masterfully produced-beats, the two songs are a perfect sampler for the top-tier artistry that can be found all throughout “Trap Bible.” Both have music videos available to watch now.

You can listen to “Trap Bible” and learn more about Nomad AKA Mr. Murk City at his website. Nomad’s Instagram, where he consistently shares first looks and sneak peeks at his upcoming projects, is available to follow here.