Arslan Aslam -The exceptionally talented runner up of the Best Male Tiktoker

Arslan is a talented individual who hails from Pakistan. He was very much interested in modeling and this passionate craze took him places. He started off his journey from 2009. From childhood he was a very talented kid. He bagged a lot of prizes from school under various competitions. Later after completing his schooling he started modeling for several popular brands.

Arslan then started his own YouTube channel to showcase his singing talent. He uploaded several of his tracks and this reached a lot of popularity among people. His unique and vibrant tracks grabbed up a lot of fan following. Arslan never left a stone unturned. He explored himself in the field of acting as well. He chose TikTok as the platform for this. He choose comedy genre as well as gangster themed ones. He enjoyed himself while doing things he loved. He ranks among the top three guys on Tiktok. His amazing acting skills and his handsome looks have been an added advantage to his success.

Arslan’s exceptional talent has been recognized and he has been given several awards as well. Filmfare have awarded him and over the years he has gained a lot of fandom and popularity. In an award show in Dubai, Arslan Aslam was awarded a medal for the second runner up in the best Male Tiktoker category.

While entertainment was on one side of the coin business was on the other. He collaborated with several tourism related brand. Similarly he also worked with the sales and purchase of luxury cars. His talent and hardwork have always been his driving factors towards success. He took up his passion and now has reached up the path towards success with his never ending will power and notable talent. He was never afraid to take risks and this has helped him evidently. This charming and handsome individual is sure to reach even greater heights with his equally notable talent and hardwork.