Danny Dhillon Says: Keep Going Despite The Difficulties And Success Will Follow

Life is full of difficulties and hurdles but a person must learn to face every difficulty an go over every hurdle if they have something in their mind that they really want to do. Gangadeep Singh Dhillon or Danny Dhillon (as he is popularly known) Is one such amazing man who is so talented that he is managing two different aspects of his life which are complete polar opposites, that is, being in an engineer as well as an artist (singer). He was born and brought up in Chandigarh and completed his higher education from Chitkara University which is in Chandigarh itself. At the moment he lives in New York and has a lot of interesting hobbies that he has taken up like dancing, riding, maintaining his physique while going to the gym, singing and so much more. Out of these, he has made a career out of his hobby of singing.

Danny Dhillon has always loved music. This is the reason why he created his very own record label. He makes all kinds of songs and does not focus on one particular kind of genre. Apart from this, he also runs an artist management and has his very own label called funky Fox studios. This studio is known for giving a platform to the new rising talented people.

Danny has some of his favourites like Punjabi songs and authors, one of them being Satinder Satraj. Satinder Satraj is known for his meaningful lyrics and heart touching vocals. He is also a big fan of Kobe Bryant, he was a very talented basketball player who passed away last year. he had a positive outlook towards life and this is what Danny admired the most.

Mr Dhillon says, “My dream is to make the best music possible and be solely motivated by my original creations only. I would also like to open up an NGO so that I can help the people who are in dire need of education and financial support. I think that every person deserves a standard living an no one should lose opportunities because they couldn’t educate themselves.” We see from here that he is not only a singer, actor and engineer but also a motivated social worker who thinks about the people around him and maintains the intention to help them out. He conveys his message to the readers that Nothing is impossible or unachievable, if you can think it, dream it an planet then you can obviously do it provided you are disciplined and focused towards your goal. Nothing comes easy and commitment is very important in life.

Danny Dhillon Is a true artist and role model who has great faith in life. More than that, he has a very good personality and has always considered his family an important part of his life, after all, they are his strength.