Google Doodle celebrates Hungarian National Day

The present Doodle observes Hungarian National Day, an holiday observed every year to commemorate the country’s fight for independence.

On this day in 1848, revolutionary poet Sándor Petőfi remained on the steps of the Hungarian National Museum, discussing Nemzeti dal and pronouncing a list of rights currently known as the 12 Points of the Pest Revolution.

The day is honored as a key milestone in Hungarian history, one that set up for the nation to turn into the brought together state it is today.

National Day commemorations start with the raising of Hungary’s red, white, and green banner on Kossuth Square, and it is custom for Hungarian celebrants to wear a cockade featuring ribbons of red, white, and green also. These colors are of incredible importance to Hungarian culture, as they have been truly utilized by the country’s chiefs since the thirteenth century.

Albeit each color’s importance can be deciphered in an unexpected way, the Constitution of Hungary states that the red symbolizes the strength of the Hungarian people, the white implies public faithfulness, and the green represents hope.

Boldog március 15-ét, Magyarország! (Glad fifteenth of March, Hungary!)