3 Pieces of Advice From Adamm Miguest to Fellow Entrepreneurs

One of the best ways for fledgling entrepreneurs to become exposed to game-changing ideas is seeking advice from older, or at least more experienced colleagues. Learning by taking advice is preferable to learning from one’s own mistakes, even though some lessons can’t be learned any other way.

Adamm Miguest, for the time he’s spent being an entrepreneur, has managed to gain enough insights to have something valuable to share. With his social media music promotion business Rapid Launch Media doing exceptionally well, young entrepreneurs would do well to listen to Adamm’s advice and, at the very least, take it into account.

Just Start

Here’s a thing about perfect conditions for starting a venture: they won’t happen. To be completely accurate, they might, but that’s not something young entrepreneurs want to spend their time hoping for. It would be a terrible waste, especially if they had what they needed to get started all along.

That something just might be the right attitude. According to Adamm, all it takes to start a business is just to start one. Nothing more, nothing less. At a certain point in the future, the business might grow, and important decisions will need to be made, but there is no way a business can get to that stage if it doesn’t lift off the ground in the first place.

So just starting it is the advice Adamm would impart. A side hustle that’s worked on every day of the week with consistency might grow into a seven-figure business within just a year. It happened to Adamm, so why not another entrepreneur?

Find Motivation in the Right Place

Having the right motivation to go into business is another one of those business-speak tropes that get thrown around quite a lot, especially in contexts where it doesn’t mean a whole lot. However, motivation is very important for young entrepreneurs. According to Adamm, it might be even more important where the entrepreneur derives the motivation from.

For him, there’s no better place to look for that than inside, at the internal factors that make people tick. Instead of looking at the external factors, young entrepreneurs are encouraged to look deep inside and find out what’s within them that’s making them do the things they do. If that sounds like a good lesson for life, it only goes to show how entrepreneurship and having a normal life have some things in common.

Pay Special Attention to the First Employee

It’s very hard for a solo entrepreneur to run a business on their own. At the very least, they’ll want to scale it sooner or later, and at that time, they’ll probably need to bring someone else on board. Finding the right kind of talent is crucial for a startup, but there’s something else Adamm would like to advise.

When they find their first employee, an entrepreneur should train and educate them as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to share the burden is to help an employee become the person who will be able to carry it with grace. So the last piece of advice from Adamm would be to make sure to create a deputy. It helps with setting the company culture from the very start, and it gives an entrepreneur someone they know they can rely on.

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