Tick Tock! Know All About When to Replace your Old Bed Sheets and Pillow Covers!

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Spring-time is here, so is the spring cleaning process! Time to usher in the new, and replace the old!

One of the common mistakes made during the process is ignoring the bed linen!

It’s easy to hold on to beloved bed sheets; after all, good quality ones do last for years. Yet, even bed linen must be recycled, refurbished or donated after it has seen better years.

So, this calls in the question of when to replace old bedsheets, pillow cover, mattresses and bed linen?

The answer varies depending on a couple of factors such as how often do you change your bedsheets, rinse your pillow cover and whether you’ve bought cheap bedsheet online.

Each product, whether it be bed sheets, pillow cover, comforters and even a mattress – all have a shelf life.

Even if you think they’re in good condition, things like the bed linen start to either

  • Fade,
  • Succumb to dust mites, or
  • Shrink

Undoubtedly these make for excellent reasons to buy new bedsheets.

Well, we’re going to give you all the information you will require to reassess your bed linen and make the decision on whether or not to replace your bed sheets, pillows, pillow cover, comforters and mattress!

When to replace bed sheets?

High-quality bed sheets, if adequately cared for, and washed according to their label’s instructions, can last a lot longer and retain their original lustre.

Cleaning your bed sheet regularly keeps bed sheet fresh. It also gets sheets rid of dust mites than can affect a person with a dust allergy. The naked eye can’t see dust mites. Regular cleaning cycles are a must when using old bed sheets.

After two years of regular use and cleaning cycles, bed linens may start to fade, and the fibres in them begin to weaken. The breakdown of the actual thread in a bed sheet can cause them to feel uncomfortable and look worn out.

After two years it is an excellent time to change bedsheets and get new bedsheets.

Many bedsheets last longer than two years; it comes down to whether they feel as good as when they had been bought. If your old bed linen is affecting your comfort and sleep, it’s probably time to buy new bed sheets.

When to buy new pillow cover and pillows?

Pillow covers and pillows should be replaced every one to two year. It is because they’re regularly exposed to body secretions like sweat, spit, dead skin cells and even hair oils.

These secretions create an ideal environment for dust mites that can aggravate someone with dust allergies.

Old pillows can sometimes give off an odour after constant use. Regular washing and dry cleaning is a must. However, over time, these secretions can stain pillows and its covers. There’s nothing pretty about an old, yellowing pillow cover or pillow. That’s when you know it’s time to replace them.

Another critical factor for a pillow is its loss of shape and ability to support your head and neck. If your pillow no longer offers the right support, it can cause all sorts of aches, pains and long term effects. In this case, it’s a definite sign that it’s time to replace it and buy high-quality memory foam pillows.

When to replace a mattress?

Although many manufacturers will say their mattresses will last over 15-20 years, the thumb rule is to replace them every ten years. Yes, even costly mattresses need to be replaced!

Similar to pillows, the primary function of a mattress is to support your body and offer optimal comfort. If the springs start to hurt and the foam is lumpy, it’s time to replace your beloved mattress and get a new one that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

It’s also vital to get your mattress professionally steam-cleaned every six months, even if you have a mattress protector that you wash regularly. Over time the fibres of the mattress can degrade and be unhygienic. If your mattress is over ten years old and hasn’t been professionally cleaned for more than two decades – it’s time for it to be replaced!

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