Tarang Chandola aka Anokha chandola. Passionate about fitness, a once bodybuilder now runs multiple ventures.

 He’s a serial Entrepreneur who realised at the peak of his career, that he wanted to work towards social impact and took a big step by leaving his for profit business venture to become partner and investor to a non for profit organisation called CWAT.

In his Ted talk Tarang says, “Society has always told me that I’m crazy, too ambitious, I need to sleep more and I need to be more realistic.”

Anyone who has met Tarang in person would vouch for this, he’s overtly hyper, impatient, insanely driven and extremely stubborn. He uses them in his favour by working 18 hours a day, channelising his energy towards work.

From a 19 year old who left home to get into the fitness industry to becoming a serial entrepreneur, self made millionaire, angel investor, public speaker, welfare activist, philanthropist; He started achieving his materialistic desires starting from a Harley Davidson, to a sports car.

In his ted talk, he stated, “ I thought I wanted a Yacht at 28, but I realised that what would with a Yacht in a lake full of plastic “.

In 2018, Tarang started investing his energy towards social impact. He partnered up in CWAT , and became the Angel Investor of CWAT – Charity with a Twist.

The CWAT App is the first of it’s kind messaging and entertainment App, that makes the act of doing charity Free, Fun and Rewarding.

Just by watching ads, the user’s chosen NGOs receives funds. Here, viewing a video or chatting with a friend could educate a child/build a hospital/shelter animals.

With CWAT, they wish to change the methods of philanthropy in India.

In his recent Ted talk , one can feel his passion towards bringing about a change.

“I understood the problems that we as a human race are facing. We are producing over 300 million tons of plastic this year. 200 species are dying every day. There are places in the world, that we cannot visit anymore due to climate change. You will have to wear a mask in Gurgaon in a few years to be able to breathe”

Well his predictions were definitely right, since post Diwali the government gave out a warning to wear gas masks across Delhi.

As of Today, Tarang is heavily invested in the launch of CWAT. He has been working with NGOs as well as social workers across the country.

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