Kevin Von James sets an example for his fan

Kevin Von James is a legendary singer, blogger, YouTuber, and a great social media influencer. He is one of the great singers in the music industry. He has boundless performing skills in every show and stage which is so interesting. His vocal range is remarkable. He sets numerous brilliant performances with his fabulous vocal kills. 

Kevin Von James wins millions of hearts universally by having great knowledge about vocal range. He has an exclusive vocal talent that can make a sharp future for him. He earned fame with the success of his first single ‘Venus to Fly’. He confronted several difficulties in his life from the start of his career. His exemplary singing skills became a massive successor for him which makes him the biggest sensation. 

His personality is greatly motivating several hopeful singers to succeed in the music industry as well. He is one of the brilliant vocalists with additional abilities like blogging, social media influencing, and uploading Interesting videos on YouTube. 

His commitment and enthusiasm towards singing mark him unique from others. He makes concerned about music since his childhood. He is an energetic and encouraging character in the music industry. Kevin Von James is a flexible artist; he is well-known for his consistent skills in singing. He marks his name from the list of motivating people as well. 

Kevin Von James has an endless singing ability with prodigious boldness and efficiency. He has a decent tone and has all information about this field. He recognizes his vocal range much better with decent melodic phrasing. He is a well-known growing performer of his generation, the song never goes out of tune, he sings in numerous vocal shades. This superiority of him makes him irreplaceable and ideal. His songs are classic, more relaxed, and calming to listen to any songs.

He has a vocal sound with no filter, and his creative voice is sufficient to make anybody silly and insane. He became an abundant singer with his solid effort and struggles. Kevin Von James displays that there is no time limit for learning singing; he is a prodigious learner with additional talents of self-confidence and self-control. 

He is a perfect and epitome example for those who just starting their hopeful profession in singing because he is an inspiration for many people. Besides singing, he also holds a lot of works like blogging, YouTube, social media. He is an all-rounder and multi-task-performing personality. Without any further confusion, he is one of the finest singers who gains millions of hearts and receives too much fan following on his own. 

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WannerAarts: from starting as a YouTuber to establishing himself as a leading digital marketing expert

Wanner began his journey as a “young” entrepreneur in 2014 with the beginning of his first YouTube channel. From here, Wanner has grown into a creator, digital rights/network manager, and social media expert – attaining high levels of engagement across multiple platforms. For Wanner, work has become his playground, with new clients attracted daily by his vivacious personality, attention to detail, and sheer expertise.

Though many of us are well aware of the oft-used cliché where every cloud is expected to have a silver lining, for WannerAarts, this has come to be true.  Wanner had to spend close to a year (~9 months to be precise) on the hospital bed to course-correct medical fallacy. Subsequently, he was behind his classmates and had to suffer serious damage to his education and curriculum progression. Herein, the seeds of being a self-determined person were planted. In 2014 Wanner incorporated his Youtube channel called Minecraft. Despite having a significant following of 35k subscribers, it did not become profitable enough to sustain in the long run. With a swift change of lanes, Wanner emerged as one of the hotshots of digital marketing getting top-notch clients relying on him to grow their respective names, fames, and revenues.

Story of determination and a pinch of luck

Handling more than six media channels, Wanner is based out of Amsterdam. His commitment to work and living life to the fullest has given him both praise and recognition. ” In 2018 I continued with a licensing company that grew it by targeting to the right niches and having the knowledge on how the youtube copyright system works. Since then it increased and now, we buy and manage rights and have a team of 18 freelancers work for us daily,” says Wanner when asked about his progression to the field of digital marketing. For Wanner, it involved a high investment in time, energy, and a bit of luck. Wanner moved into the licensing business to grow into a profit-making venture. His entrepreneurial company, WannerDigital Media provides the most unique and popular video licenses for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. At present, Wanner has come a long way from founding a simple youtube channel to a digital empire. His team of 18 freelancers all over the world produces content that has been watched for over 250,000,000 minutes of watch time purely on his content and channel. He looks forward to expanding his digital footprint and hitting the next milestone.

Lessons that can be learned

There is much to learn from a young entrepreneur like Wanner. His persistence to take charge of his destiny and defy all odds is a trait only a few can muster. Growing from a hapless and vulnerable position on a hospital bed when the rest of the world raced outside, Wanner has proved to be made of sterner stuff. Personalities like that give people hope and courage to wake up every morning and face life with a whole new level of grit and perseverance.

Wanner is hungry for knowledge and learns from people, his parents, and his friends. For Wanner, knowledge is key to gaining an edge over his competitors.


Zachary Tarnopol – A young multi talented new generation YouTuber nicknamed ‘Poke’ you can’t ignore

Studies proclaim that User Generated Content (UGC) occupies a large share in online video consumption globally. YouTube accounts for a major share in this space, with approximate 2 billion active users worldwide.

I was always fascinated towards the internet technology since a young age says twenty two year old Zachary aka ‘Poke’. Ever since a kid I was always fiddling with any gadget I could lay my hands on, adding that he also enjoyed being in front of the camera lens throughout any family gathering, the early makings of a camera friendly performer which later cultivated into becoming a YouTuber influencing millions of followers through his videos. His journey as a YouTuber started when he first created his YouTube account on July 30th 2007 and since then there has been no looking back. Starting his own platform at an early age and later donning the cap of an owner leading his company ‘Poke Media LLC’, he surely has come a long way. It is not a gargantuan task as it seems to become a successful influencer, if you have the right attitude and approach, you can attain the heights of success without a doubt says ‘Poke’ The right content with the right target audience are the keys to making it big.

When asked what is the biggest achievement in your career as a YouTube influencer, ‘Poke’ says it was that moment when his video received over a 15 million views under 48 hours, which further instilled faith in his craft to reach out for more. He aims at expanding his company by hiring the best of the best talents available in the industry.

The greatest botch that YouTubers make when they begin their channel is not having right objectives. Numerous of them ordinarily have no thought or how to degree their goals. Not having objectives and a clear plan of action comes about in irregularity and inescapable disappointment. Begin by having a clear intent and you are definitely bound to succeed.

“Be imaginative and clear in building your platform, and there will be no stopping you from achieving success” concludes the young influencer.