Stevieknocks Working with Hot Artist Billyracxx From Houston

Hi Stevieknocks How are you ?

I’m great , thanks for having me

1. Stevieknocks How did you meet Billyracxx?

I met Billyracxx in Los Angeles at his album release party with chasethemoney through a celebrity booking agent Darlene Deluna  , a few weeks later He  pulled up on me @ the studio I played a bunch of beats for him right away the chemistry was dope.

2. What songs have you produced Stevieknocks with Billyracxx?

Wow! we have at least 5-10 referenced records together We recently dropped a song Called City Girls In December 2019 on all platforms Which is doing pretty well in streams, we have at least 3 records in the works right now.

3. Are you located in Los Angeles Stevieknocks?

 Yes I’m located In Los Angeles, well Hollywood to be exact!

4. Stevieknocks how often are you and Billy in the studio?

When he’s in town we hit the at least 2-3 times a week or more.

5. Stevieknocks do you consider you and Billy to have potential hit records?

Absolutely we consider every record to be a hit , we wouldn’t even release it if it wasn’t a hit record . I’m not being arrogant I’m just confident

6. Stevieknocks I recently noticed you guys filmed a video in Big Bear tell me about that freezing experience?

O wow really, yea that was my first time actually staying in big bear and I’m from California. We drove up there which wasn’t a bad drive, I was nervous about the snow on the ground because we were told cars often slide with its icy but we were very careful  The video came out crazy , we can’t wait to release it !!!

7. Stevieknocks Where can fans find any of your produced music?

Fans can check out city girls on YouTube just type in City Girls by Billyracxx

Or they can follow me on Instagram @stevieknocks or Twitter @stevieknocks