Several new features will be coming to YouTube soon, including big preview thumbnails, a song search feature that uses hum and a new tab called You and More

Larger video preview thumbnails, a lock screen option to prevent unwanted interruptions, and the addition of a ‘You’ page that merges Library and account information are just a few of the improvements that YouTube is rolling out for users and content creators.

Many new features and design updates have been introduced by YouTube in an effort to improve the user experience for both users and content providers. A new “You” tab, push and hold fast forward, larger preview thumbnails while seeking, song search by voice, a lock screen function to avoid mistouch, and more, in addition to new design updates for the YouTube TV app, stand out among a long list of changes. Let’s explore these new YouTube features in more detail.

YouTube is getting new features for smartphones, tablets, and TV

Larger preview Thumbnails: To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for in a video on YouTube, larger preview thumbnails will now be displayed when you search for it. By simply moving your finger back to where you started until you feel a vibration, you can easily undo a seek that you mistakenly seek ahead.

Display lock: YouTube is now introducing a lock screen function that lets you stop unwanted interruptions while watching a video, just like other video players on the market. The feature will be accessible on tablets and mobile devices.

The “You” tab: A new “You” tab will replace the Library tab and account page on YouTube. Your previously seen videos, playlists, downloads, purchases, channel information, and other account-related settings will all be stored there. On tablets, smartphones, and the web, the new tab will take the place of the Library tab.

Voice or song search: The YouTube-owned video site now offers Shazam-like features that let users search for songs by playing, singing, or humming them. YouTube will (for the time being) assist you in finding songs on Android devices, just like Google Assistant does.

Volume Stability: With the introduction of a new “stable volume” function designed to lessen “jarring” level differences, YouTube is improving audio control on mobile devices. The new choice will be offered in the Additional Settings section.

2x speed switch: The platform is gaining a new method to change the speed of video playback to two times. By pushing and holding anywhere on the player, users will be able to increase the speed in both full-screen and portrait modes. Once you release the hold, the speed will resume at normal levels.

Interface for smart TVs: With the addition of video details in a vertical menu with access to the subscribe button, video description, comments, and video chapters, YouTube is making it simpler to browse its TV app. Additionally, the TV app now has larger preview thumbnails, a new search page, and an updated library tab.

YouTube is updating social media links in video descriptions and adding new formatting options for artists. When a video’s producer instructs viewers to “smash that button,” it also provided the option to rotate the top comments and a visual hint for the Like or Subscribe buttons.