Saba Azad thanks Hrithik Roshan for “setting together” her odd birthday itinerary, which included a picnic, dance class, and workout in the gym

Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad have released a tonne of photos together to give fans a taste of how they celebrated Saba’s birthday with a picnic, dance class, and some sunbathing.

Saba Azad, a musician and actress, uploaded a photo of her birthday celebrations and a comment about how Hrithik Roshan made it unique and precisely as she wanted it to be. Pictures of her posing with a bunch of flowers, exercising in the gym, practising a dance move with Hrithik Roshan, lying on the grass, and having a picnic with him are shown throughout the film. Additionally, there is a photo of them from their date night in which she can be seen participating in a cake-cutting ritual.

Saba added, “I want my birthdays to be peaceful,” along with the photo collage. I don’t quite recall when I started doing this, but it seems to be the standard now. You’ll find me doing seemingly mundane activities on the day more frequently than not. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy a nice party, but only if I have a day to myself to enjoy it. A good day for me is one in which I spend some time learning something new, in which I move my body, in which I take time to nourish my mind, in which I eat well, and in which I, of course, spend time with those I love. For me, my birthday is a microcosm of what I would like my days on earth to be like.

Addressing Hrithik for making her day, she added, “Thank you Ro (heart emoticon) for beautifully putting together my strange fruit of a plan. And thank you all of you who reached out with love, kind words and flowers – my house looks like a garden in spring and my heart is full.”

A fan wrote for the two of them in the comments section, “I am so jealous of you! but at the same time, seeing you two together, and imagining the happiness you bring into Hrithik’s life, it brings tears of happiness in my eyes. Love!” Another commented, “Seeing you two together makes my old heart so happy, god bless always.”

Hrithik Roshan has been in relationship with Saba Azad since a year. The two are now spotted together at parties and events. He was earlier married to Sussanne Khan and the two have two sons together.