Richard Dolan: Making Millionaires

Optimizing one’s own performance is an endeavor that can see great use in both the professional and the personal aspects of a person’s life. A variety of results-oriented professionals, ranging from entrepreneurs and sales professionals to athletes, politicians, and even large corporate entities, often reap tremendous benefits from using performance-based consultancy and mentorship services. With a good mentor, the possible benefits for individuals often go beyond simple financial metrics and into a sense of deeper and more comprehensive fulfillment.

Richard is a wealth merchant specializing in bringing financial life education, solutions and possibility to his clients with power, grace and ease and has advised some of the leading figures in various industries, ranging from musicians like Drake and Ice Cube to athletes like Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis, and even top brands like Google, Sony, and Rolls Royce. Each one has shown great appreciation for Richard’s work. Similarly, testimonials from large companies like Rolls Royce plainly state that Richard’s work was essential in affecting sweeping positive change in their company’s culture and performance. Richard’s approach has and continues to prove itself effective for a wide variety of clients regardless of their industry and whether they are individuals, teams, or large corporate entities.

Richard distinguishes the “urban financial philosophy” he preaches as a unique combination of his learning from his tough upbringing with strenuous research in fields like financial and performance psychology and happiness economics.

Born to a lower-middle-class family, Richard found himself homeless at just 16 years old due to family issues. In these early struggles, he found the conviction to be more than just a statistic and rise up into someone much bigger than the circumstances that poverty, drugs, and crime would seem to allow. Less than a decade after making this commitment, Richard became the co-founder of Infinity Mutual Funds at just 23 years old. The asset management company, which attracted over $1 billion within just one year and was later sold for $144 million, became the springboard for Richard’s further successes. After delving into real estate, Richard became the president and partner of one of North America’s longest-running private real estate investment networks, which owns over 35,000 properties, amounting to over $5 billion. After growing the company even further after eight years of management, he eventually sold his share in order to focus on his own professional endeavors.

Although his life quickly improved to become a far cry from that of a poverty-stricken, street-dwelling teenager, Richard never really lost his hunger. Having used his drive to increase his stature to greater and greater heights, he now aims to guide and inspire others to live and lead their own Great Financial Lives. Through his privately-held boutique firm LEGACY, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people restore, reinvent, and recalibrate their performances through careful and well-researched assessments, education, and planning that are actualized into concrete and quantifiable improvements in the quality of their personal and financial lives.

For Richard, making himself a millionaire was only the start of his high ambitions. In accordance with his overall vision of helping others take control of their financial legacy, Richard aims to make one million millionaires by 2030. To achieve this goal, he works toward transforming the world’s relationship with money, wealth, and worth through his various projects, including courses, mentorships, free speaking events, consultancies, books, and blogs. Through LEGACY, Richard has coached thousands of individuals and hopes to coach millions more on living, leading, and leaving a financial legacy.

To learn more about Richard’s work and his philosophy, you may follow him on his Instagram at @richie_dolan.