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They say that the strong-minded rise to the challenge of their goals and dreams, and Sourabh Sambrekar is the living example of it. Coming from Belgaum, Karnataka, Sourabh has managed to achieve milestones. As a renowned fashion influencer, he has worked for many brands, including Lanistar. Endorsing several brands helped him to get a lot of followers on Instagram, and today, he is one of the most successful fashion influencers we have. Starting his modelling career in college helped him to find a little credence on himself. But the initial years of his modelling career didn’t help him financially. But those years helped Sourabh to sharpen his skills and today those skills help him to gain over lakhs. Having over 3 lakh followers can be a bit challenging, but Sourabh handles his fanbase skillfully.

Sourabh Sambrekar started his modelling career in his college days for a show. Walking on a ramp on that show helped him to become self-reliant. Making an Instagram video for his fan base with a phone of 3500 INR was difficult, but his love to entertain people kept him going. Today he receives a hefty amount from the brands he endorses. Promotions on Instagram also adds up to his bank account. As per reports, his net worth is around 20lakhs to 2 crores.

They say that the purpose may point a person in the right direction, but it is the passion which propels the person, and Sourabh Sambrekar is a living example of it. He is very passionate about music, and a few of them could be seen on his Youtube channel. Sourabh’s composition Authentic got around 100k views on his youtube channel. When asked about triumph, Sourabh says “ I believe that the fear of failure will refrain me from achieving my goals. Hence instead of looking at it as an obstacle, I look at it as an opportunity which will help me to grow professionally and personally.” Sourabh’s journey teaches us that if a person can dream it, then the person can definitely do it. They just have to make their vision so clear that fear becomes irrelevant. In future, Sourabh wants to become an entertainer, and one can say that he won’t sit idle unless and until he achieves his ambition.

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