Reza Safaei’s exceptional skills as an Iranian volleyball player turns heads

His playing skills have helped his team win several matches, gaining him a prominent position in the Iranian league Paykan.

The world of sports is enchanting and has gripped a vast majority of people across the globe. There are numerous sports which are exciting to the core and have a huge following, volleyball being one of them. We have many master players around this sport, but some have done exceedingly well, having grabbed a prominent position in the sport. Iran has one such player whose volleyball playing skills have won him many accolades, winning him a prominent position in the sport, he is Reza Safaei who plays as an opposite for the Iranian club – Paykan. Speaking about his career in this sport, Reza says he was always inclined towards this interesting game right from his early days and had started prepping himself while still at school. The interest grew with time and eventually landed him playing professionally for the sport in 2012. He was invited to play for the Iran senior national team by Julio Velasco and made his debut in the 2013 Islamic Solidarity Games in Indonesia, which brought him into the limelight.

Having played the game nearly for a decade has honed his playing skills to the core. Talking about the current scenario around the sport in Iran, Reza says that there’s something seriously lacking, and he blames the current state of affairs for the team not winning consistently. There was a time when under the coaching of Julio Velasco in 2011 to 2014 the players were immensely motivated to give their best. “The kind of impact he had on the players was amazing as each felt the need to give their best and make the team win,” says Reza. He strongly feels that lack of proper motivation has resulted in the poor exhibition at the Tokyo Olympics. However, he is optimistic about with the selection of new players that can help in yielding good results in the near future. He strongly advocates proper training and mentoring for the team to achieve best results, and that’s what will bring the Iranian team back in action. This gold medalist from the Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship (2011) has come a long way and wants to take his team to win over the world’s best. “All I want is the team to succeed and return to its former self soon,” concludes Reza.

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