Reddit client uncovers possible hint for new name of NFL’s Washington establishment

It could embrace the Sentinels moniker

There is a decent possibility that the NFL’s Washington establishment may have discovered another name.

In the past known as the Redskins, the Washington group seems as though it could be renamed the Sentinels, which is a similar name as the group in the film called “The Replacements.”

A Reddit client evidently found that the organization which oversees, as of late enlisted for the area name, The 2000 football film, which highlights star on-screen character Keanu Reeves, depended on the 1987 Redskins substitution players.

At the point when the XFL made its rebound this year, the Washington group took on the name the DC Defenders, yet it was initially considering taking on the Sentinels name, which was reserved in 2019.

Other group names that have picked up prominence among fans online include: Generals, Red Tails, Seminoles, and Red Wolves. The Sentinels were a since quite a while ago took shots from the outset, however in the event that this Reddit client got their work done effectively, there is a decent possibility that it could be the new moniker for the establishment.