Rebuilding Lives for a better future with Your Little Help : an organization of Hope

As human beings, it’s our moral responsibility to help the most vulnerable members of  our society. Your Little Help is a humanitarian NPO that works in all 50 U.S states and  more than 80 countries. Our Vision is to: Improve the health and lives of people affected  by poverty or emergencies, without regard to politics, religion or ability to pay. We can  make a difference in the world or in someone’s life even with a little. It doesn’t demand  much, just a little of what we have and a little of our time. Goodwill, happiness,  hospitality and love is all we have to share for the betterment of the world and the  beautiful creation we have. 

Being poor is a curse and we lose thousands of lives every day due to this cause. Lack  of food, basic amenities of daily lives, lack of education is something millions of  people are facing in recent times. In a world full of sorrow and chaos our NPO is  striving to bring in a new ray of hope for the needy ones. We look after the homeless,  senior citizens along with their medical requirements and education opportunities with  the help of donations and valuable volunteers.  

As every living creature on this planet depends on nature for sustenance,  environmental protection has become more important than ever before. It is not  simply about food, clothes or shelter anymore – it is much beyond that. We are  depleting natural resources faster than nature can replenish them. One of the most  difficult challenges that we are facing is environmental degradation, resulting from  deforestation, pollution, and climate change. Deteriorating environmental conditions  have resulted in many other problems such as scarcity of resources, poor sanitation  and hygiene, as well as calamities such as floods and droughts. We humans are  causing excessive damage to the environment, many of which are irreversible. And  we humans can alone save the environment as well. One of the major aims of our  organization is to save the earth and its resources be it water resources or the wildlife. 

Our main goal is to reduce poverty, educate the young generation, save the  environment and wildlife. All we need is just your valuable support to make our cause  more effective. Your donations are a hope for the poor children and help us make  them financially capable of proper education for a bright future. We also strive to  promote the rights of children and pave a way for a good life for them. And it is not  possible without your little help. 

Often, we see homeless children loitering with no basic education or knowledge of  basic skills. Our aim is to educate the younger generation. As an NPO, we work hard  on making our community a better and happy place to live and hence poor child 

education is one of our most focused causes that can benefit thousands of children all  over the world. 

Homelessness, Poverty is just temporary. Sometimes, all the person needs is someone  to help them get back on their feet. Contrary to popular belief, some of them are really  trying. Thus, we need to help them become productive members of society again. The  homeless kid living from shelter to shelter may become a great person someday if  

provided with equal opportunities like we have or even bare necessities of life and  proper education. There are millions of poor people in the world and they haven’t  chosen to be poor. We have to understand this and we must help them. 

Our organization also looks after the needs of senior citizens and medical needs of the  poor who are in extreme need of it. Many times we see people abandoning their  parents or caregivers as they reach their senior age due to their ailments, expenses or  simply to get rid of the responsibility. In a cruel world, we try to bring some relief to  our old aged guardians who have given up their entire lives for their families only to  be thrown out at the age they actually require care and medical help. When the time  comes that we’ll be in their shoes, we can hope that someone would be willing to help  us too because WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!