NEW Francesco Riviera’s Advice For Entrepreneurs

Francesco Riviera (@francescoriviera_) is famous for becoming the “GIF King” after he popularized the act of personalizing GIFS in the European digital marketing space. However, Riviera is much more than just a GIF creator. He’s a digital entrepreneur, a coach, an agency owner and much more.

Riviera grew up in Italy with parents who were owners of a small business. He learned a lot about business from his parents. However, Riviera wishes he had taken the time to learn more skills from experts while getting his start in entrepreneurship.

Riviera advises every beginner entrepreneur to focus on building a skill set when first starting out. Riviera used his skill of paid traffic and influencer marketing to grow his company Tesoro Communications and advises entrepreneurs to learn skills such as paid traffic, copywriting, sales and graphic design as a way to start getting paid.

Riviera is helping new entrepreneurs get started with a business called dropshipping. He says that dropshipping is a great business model to start out with because it forces new entrepreneurs to learn many different skills. With dropshipping, entrepreneurs must learn how to get good at running paid traffic, understanding their target market, and creating converting copy and websites.

While dropshipping is a great business to start out with, it requires cash flow in order to pay for ads and products. Riviera advises entrepreneurs to start dropshipping on the side of their existing job until they have become consistently profitable with their business and can afford to quit.

Riviera says it’s important to create good habits and establish a positive mindset. He believes that entrepreneurs who can put in concentrated effort every day without worrying about results will become successful. He advises entrepreneurs to learn how to focus on the process and create a routine that is easily completed every day.

Building a business requires a lot of work, and Riviera says most beginners aren’t going to be able to put in crazy hours at the start. He instructs beginners to start off slow and build their work ethic up to the point where they can work 8+ hour days with ease.

Riviera believes entrepreneurs should reward themselves when they reach milestones in their career. Every time he accomplishes a goal he throws a party or gifts himself something special as encouragement to keep on going. He says that enjoying a small reward after completing a single task is also important as it reinforces good habits.

Riviera hopes to be a good influence and coach to all of the up and coming online entrepreneurs. Online business is becoming more and more popular and he hopes he can paint a clear picture of what it takes to be successful. He’s happy to have made an impact globally.

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