Medicine in Iran or immigration and continuing education abroad Dr. Mozhgan Dahmardnezhad answer to this question:


Some people prefer medical education abroad to medicine in Iran. For disciplines such as dentistry and medicine, you have to take a series of tests specific to those countries so that you can go to that country to study and study. It also requires a TOEFL or IELTS or GRE test score. You must obtain a visa and it has its own conditions.

These tests are not held in every country and are only held in some countries. Many famous Iranian specialists and subspecialists also studied at prestigious universities abroad and returned. Going out and studying medicine is so difficult (at least compared to engineering) that many doctors believe it makes no sense to go out! Unless he overcomes all his hardships.

Now, most Iranians who apply and leave are from engineering technical fields who can go only with a good scientific resume (high grade point average, article, etc.) and a good language test score, but for medical and dental children and  

 They have to pass a series of hard filters and tests in order to be able to continue their studies at a prestigious foreign university in the specialty or post-specialty level. Immigrating abroad is a bit more difficult for dentistry and medicine than pharmacy.

Do other countries accept Iranian general medicine degree or not?

In response to this question, Dr. Mozhgan Dah Mardnejad said that it depends on the country you want: for example, the United States accepts it, but you have to pass three steps of the USMLE test. State laws are sometimes different, but if you want to go to work and get a state medical license, other states will give you a medical license.

But usually Iranians do not give luxury courses to specialists, unless the USMLE test step score is very high. Australia also accepts Iranian medical degrees, but you must pass a special exam there. Canada and Germany also accept Iranian general medicine degrees. But you should also pay attention to the fact that, for example, you should go and study medicine in Germany and come back. You should definitely take an exam so that you can practice medicine in Iran.

In general, in many countries, a degree in general medicine from Iran, or gp, is valid, but the law is that you must take an online course there as well. Country-by-country laws differ. It should also be noted that the duration of medical education in all specialties and other countries is not the same as in Iran, and some are longer, for example, the specialty of radiology in Australia is 5 years.

Specific policies of some countries to attract a foreign doctor through Dr. Mozhgan Dah Mardnejad: Some countries also have special policies to attract foreign doctors. For example, the United States usually takes top and luxury courses from its own doctors, such as eye skin and plastics, but the more laborious or possibly lower-paying courses belong to foreigners, with foreigners, Indians and Chinese, leading the way in filling US medical capacity. are.

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